10 Phone Habits to Practice Daily

These days your cell phone is probably with you 24/7. It’s your way of communicating with others. It’s your means of accessing information. It has your calendar. It has your photos. You probably can’t imagine your life without it. 

But have you ever thought about the habits you are establishing with your cell phone use? Are you practicing good habits, or are you developing some habits that need to be broken? If you think you could use a little “cell phone reform” when it comes to your daily use, try putting these ten habits into practice each day.

10 Phone Habits to Practice Daily

  • Don’t Check Your Phone During Dinner: You may feel pressure from work or other areas of your life to be available all the time. But when you are having dinner with others – whether it be at home or out and about – put your phone away. Dinner is the perfect time to give the people you are eating with your full attention. 
  • Don’t Text and Drive: It gets said all the time, but texting and driving is a dangerous combination. The road and other drivers on the road need your attention. While it can be tempting to check texts at stoplights – avoid doing that. It’s much safer to take the time to pull off the road if you need to check your messages.
  • Don’t Sleep with Your Phone: It’s been shown that electronics, whether it be your phone, television, etc. project a light that can be disturbing to your sleep. Additionally, if you do wake up in the middle of the night and check your phone, you could have an even harder time falling back asleep. Experts recommend leaving your phone out of the bedroom while sleeping.
  • Don’t Constantly Check Your Phone for Texts or Emails: If you are constantly checking your phone for texts or emails, you may be diminishing your productivity. Set up specific times during your day where you will check for texts and emails and reply to them during those times.
  • Don’t Constantly Take Photos or Videos at Events: Have you ever been to a concert or event and looked around to see a sea of phones taking videos and pictures? Are those people truly experiencing the event? Grab a quick photo or video and then sit back and enjoy the show. 
  • Stay Off Social Media for Periods of Time: It’s said that social media has increased people’s feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. It could be because they feel they’re not living their best life compared to what they see posted by others. Don’t be afraid to take a social media break – it could be just what you need to feel better about yourself.
  • Call and Talk to People: It seems that all people do is text anymore, but don’t be afraid to call and talk to your friends and family. They’ll love hearing your voice. Additionally, talking can convey much more when it comes to feelings and emotions than a text ever could.
  • Don’t Text and Walk: If you’ve ever been run into by someone who is texting and walking, you know how annoying it can be. Put the phone in your pocket while walking. The text can wait.
  • Don’t text and expect an immediate response: With texts, everyone seems to expect an immediate answer. But you shouldn’t. While your text may have been read (as is evidenced by the “read receipt”), the person may be busy or need time to compose a reply. This is another area where you can exercise a little patience. 
  • Use Your Phone in Appropriate Places: Can you think of some places where cell phone use is not appropriate? The bathroom, locker room, and church are just a few places that come to mind. Be mindful of where you’re using your cell phone.

Putting good cell phone habits into practice may be easier said than done, but when you start using these ten tips, you may find that you’re better off for it.

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