How to Research What College is Right For You

The search for the perfect college can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin! As you start looking, it can be difficult to understand the subtle differences between each school. Keep a list of pros and cons to easily compare all of your options. Here are some things to consider [...]

Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Working from home is a fantastic new concept that was born out of the internet age. We are able to accomplish the exact same, if not more, amount of work when working remotely. There are lots of benefits to working from home, but there are some other factors that can make it difficult. Is [...]

Best Hiking Spots Near Upper Macungie

If you’re from the area, then you may know that Upper Macungie, PA is one of the most scenic places around! No matter the season, driving through Upper Macungie yields scenic views in almost every direction. It’s no wonder, then, that the Upper Macungie, Breinigsville, and Allentown areas are [...]

6 Classic Novels That You Need To Read

Make time every day to read. It sharpens the mind, and keeps you better informed on the references in other pop culture. One of the best places to start on your reading list is to go to the classics. You know that you are going to find something that is well written, meaningful, and will […]

How to Get Your Kids To Play Outside

As the internet has expanded, our outdoor time has shrunk. Let’s revive the healthy habit of playing outside as kids. Let your little ones jump, skate, run, and tumble a little bit every day. They need it to have a strong body, and it’s good for their imagination and practical skills. Don’t be [...]

Clever Ways to Save Time at Work

Knock things out and look like an efficient superstar at work with these clever ways to save time. When you have more minutes and hours on your hand, then you are able to accomplish more. When you get more done, you can focus more time and energy on the more important tasks, putting you ahead [...]

Safety Tips For Buying Online

Everything you’ve ever wanted can be found online. It’s a mecca of odds and ends for the house, car, and clothes. We love shopping, but when shopping online, you have to take a few extra precautions. You wouldn’t leave your wallet laying around, so why would you be careless with how you buy [...]

How To Start Saving For Retirement

Retirement seems so far away, and then all of a sudden the kids are off to college and you are looking at beach homes. The years can slip away from you, and if you don’t have a retirement plan, then it can be difficult to live comfortably as you age. Start as early as possible, […]