Safety Tips For Buying Online

Everything you’ve ever wanted can be found online. It’s a mecca of odds and ends for the house, car, and clothes. We love shopping, but when shopping online, you have to take a few extra precautions. You wouldn’t leave your wallet laying around, so why would you be careless with how you buy [...]

How To Start Saving For Retirement

Retirement seems so far away, and then all of a sudden the kids are off to college and you are looking at beach homes. The years can slip away from you, and if you don’t have a retirement plan, then it can be difficult to live comfortably as you age. Start as early as possible, […]

Uses For Different Essential Oils

Before you reach into the medicine cabinet, see if a natural alternative can help aliverate what ails you. Essential oils have been used by people in ancient times for centuries as ways to treat everyday issues. Essential oils are derived from the flowers, stems, roots, leaves, and fruits of a [...]

DIY: How to Make An Inspiration Board

First things first–what is an inspiration board? It’s a collection of thoughts, ideas, desires, and images to help spark new ideas for brainstorming. It’s a visual and functional piece of workspace that can be used in a practical sense, or as a decoration for any office space. It’s easy [...]

Must-Have Beauty Products for Spring

Spring is here, and we need to put on a fresh face. Hydrate, protect, and glam up your look with the new trends of the 2018 beauty season. Every year, the products become better for you and more effective the more science gets involved. Put your best face forward by making these products [...]

Best Cafes in Upper Macungie

Add some joy into your mornings with a custom made cup of coffee! There are several local spots near Upper Macungie that boast excellent homemade pastries, food, and of course, a strong cup of Joe. Skip over the chains to support local businesses, and trust the passionate baristas who make [...]

Ways to Treat Common Minor Injuries

Kids will be kids, and that usually means a few bumps and bruises along the way. Keep a calm composure when an accident happens, and have your first aid on hand. A little bit of ice, a bandage, and some TLC can go a long way. Here’s how to treat some common minor injuries. Nosebleeds: […]

Tips for Selling Online

Everyone loves extra cash in their pocket. One of the best ways to make money on the side is to sell merchandise online. Whether you’re looking to sell a few items, or if you’re interested in building a long-term brand, it’s important to know how to sell online. 1. What you are going to sell: [...]