Best Fishing Locations in Lehigh Valley

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Grab your box of tackle and your favorite pole, because Lehigh Valley has some of the best fishing spots in the entire state. Granted, we understand that finding the perfect fishing spot might be different for everyone. After all, some are just looking for a relaxing day out on the lake, while others want to reel in as many fish as they possibly can, as quickly as they possibly can.

To help you wade through the options and find what’s best for you, here is a look at the best fishing locations in Lehigh Valley. You’re sure to find some you’ve already visited and loved, but also plenty of new places for you to drop a line in Lehigh.

Lehigh Canal Park

Lehigh Canal Park is 55 acres of paradise for those looking for fishing. This park is stocked with a variety of different fish breeds, so you will be lure in a mix of different types once you drop in. In addition to great fishing, Lehigh Canal Park has covered picnic areas for the rest of the family to enjoy during your day fishing.

FishingLehigh Parkway

The Little Lehigh River is one of the Valley’s best fishing spots, and Lehigh Parkway runs alongside it for a stretch of about three miles. Keep in mind that Lehigh Parkway is one of the most popular spots in town, and it’s likely to be as full of people taking part in other outdoor activities. That means you’ll want to be cautious of where you drop your line. But even though Lehigh Parkway gets busy, it’s still certainly one of the top options for fishing in town.

Cedar Creek Parkway East

This 37.5-acre park offers tons of space for you to start fishing. What you are looking for in these waters is likely going to be trout, and you shouldn’t have a problem getting tons of bites throughout the day. What we really love about Cedar Creek Parkway East is that it is highly maintained throughout the rest of the park, which makes it a great place to bring the entire family. They can run through the park and enjoy the day, while you get in the valuable fishing time you need at Cedar Creek Parkway East.

South Mountain Reservoir

Located in Allentown, this 157-acre park is another ideal option for the entire family to enjoy. There are plenty of picnic areas and a handful of gazebos for you to seek shade under. You can also head out on the hiking trails for a day’s worth of physical activity. South Mountain Reservoir also has a bunch of nice views that will allow for you to relax while you have your line in the water waiting for a bite.

With so many great locations to choose from, the avid fisherman will never have a dry day in Pennsylvania. The choices on this list are some of the best in Lehigh Valley, making them the perfect option for you to visit for your next fishing trip.

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