Clever Ways to Save Time at Work

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Knock things out and look like an efficient superstar at work with these clever ways to save time. When you have more minutes and hours on your hand, then you are able to accomplish more. When you get more done, you can focus more time and energy on the more important tasks, putting you ahead of the competition. Everyone wants to make the most of their day, and impress their boss.

  1. Do Your Least Favorite Task First: Without thinking about it, knock out the task that you dislike the most. By getting it out of the way, you won’t sit around dreading it all day. It’s probably not as bad as you think it’s going to be, and you’ll have a clear mind to focus on the other tasks that need to be handled.
  2. Have a To-Do List: Write down the goals that you want to accomplish. Give yourself a realistic timeframe to accomplish them in. If you have a larger project that can’t be completed in an hour, then set aside one hour a day to chip away at it.
  3. Plan Your Day: Before you get started, break up your day into chunks to hit all of the tasks that you need to do. Set aside alloted time for breaks. By giving yourself guidelines, you’ll avoid spending too much time on social media. Generally, you want about a five minute break every hour.
  4. Delegate: If you aren’t good at a specific task, find someone who is. If you have the means, then share the workload with someone else. You are on a team at work, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Work out a plan to take on the things that your teammates aren’t good at, and they can do the things that you aren’t good at.
  5. Prioritize: Don’t focus on things that aren’t important. If you sweat the little things, then you’ll waste all of your energy. Save your mental energy for the important decisions that matter. This isn’t to say you should not try. Try at everything, but prioritize how much time you spend depending on how important it is. Pick your battles at work. Not everything requires your attention. Someone may make a decision that you don’t agree with, but learn to let it go. Likewise, prioritize what needs addressing and what doesn’t. When you disagree with someone, you waste time and energy debating with them, rather than moving on and handling the next issue at hand.6
  6. Meeting Bullet Points: Meetings can be a giant time suck. Keep meetings brief by having a set agenda of bullet points to tackle. Don’t let people stray off onto other topics. One way to keep things short is to have standing meetings. People will want to wrap things up quickly if they have to stand.
  7. Batch: Do a series of work at the same time. For example, if you need to make videos for a client, then it takes time to set up the camera and get the screen ready. Do all of the videos that you need to make at the same time to avoid the extra set up and break down time.
  8. Make Things Turn-Key: Instead of writing up a welcome email every time you get a new client, have a pre-set email that automatically goes out to new clients. Don’t waste time and energy on things that can become automatic or part of a process.
  9. Call Instead of Write: Generally, speaking to someone in person is faster than writing it out. Calling someone to handle an issue is generally faster than doing via email. If you are unable to reach them by phone, then trying emailing.

Organization is key when you are looking to save time. Keep things streamlined and stress free with a simple organization system. Writing things down and always putting them back where they belong is the easiest way to stay organized. Take your breaks, cross things off your lists, and get to work!

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