Dollar Store Items To Use In Your Apartment

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Stores like Ikea and BB&B have countless gadgets and tools that make your life a whole lot easier. Whether it’s a handheld device that de-pits your fruits, or a motorized vacuum that cleans your apartment for you, there is no limit to what you can find. Unfortunately, there can also often be no limit to the prices you’ll pay for some of these items as well.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on gadgets for around the home. Instead, there are tons of helpful items that you can find at the dollar store that will be just as useful. All you need is a bit of innovation, which we’ll provide for you here.

Here is a look at some hacks for dollar store items to use in your apartment.

Cups For Storage

You may be using your fancy chinaware to eat and drink from, but the plastic cutlery that you can buy at the dollar store have plenty of uses as well. For example, plastic cups are great for added storage pretty much anywhere in the home. If you have some spare change that you want to organize at the front of your home near your keys, keep a plastic cup to easily throw into. Or if you want to organize your scarves or gloves, you can put them into plastic cups on their sides, and then stack them on one-another. This provides a convenient place for storage, but also a cute organization addition for your apartment.

DecorationsShower Cap Covers

Shower caps are so cheap and they come in handy for much more than just covering your hair. Instead, shower cap covers can also be used to cover old leftovers, an open bottle of paint, or pretty much anything else you can imagine. Just throw the shower cap on an open bowl or bottle, and you’ll be able to keep it safe from spilling.

Binder Clips For Wire Organization

Having a bunch of wires running around your apartment can be as hazardous as it is unsightly. Therefore, consider how you can use cheap binder clips to keep things organized. With binder clips, you’ll be able to easily keep your wires together and out of sight. This is much cheaper than paying for those expensive wire panels, but equally as convenient.

Make Your Own Art Projects

Grab some cheap paint and discounted pots, and you can make your own apartment garden. Your apartment can be as original as you want it to be, if you are willing to get creative with the things you find at the dollar store.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have some really neat things around your apartment. Just consider the things listed here that you can find at the dollar store and your apartment will be looking great, and your wallet won’t be looking so bad either.

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