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Allentown is among the most popular and populated cities in all of Pennsylvania. Allentown consists of a variety of subdivisions, including Upper Macungie. Despite the fact that the name may not be as familiar as Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, Upper Macungie has plenty to offer for those that are interesting in moving to a more subtle and quiet town.

To familiarize yourself a bit more with Upper Macungie, here are some interesting facts to keep in mind.


When most people hear Pennsylvania, it’s quite common for them to think of the bustling cities of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Allentown. However, it might come as quite a surprise that Upper Macungie is actually the fastest growing area in the state of Pennsylvania when you factor in total population. Currently, Upper Macungie has over 20,000 citizens. Of the citizens, Upper Macungie prides itself in being a diverse location with a healthy mix of ethnic groups.


Of the more than 20,000 citizens in Upper Macungie, the town is listed as having the highest median family income in the entire state of Pennsylvania. The numbers are estimated at being nearly double that of the rest of the state. The median income for men in Upper Macungie is over $57,000, while women make nearly $40,000 per year.


Many of the people in upper Macungie find employment positions that help their community grow to be strong. For example, many people find jobs with the Upper Macungie Public Works, such as with fire stations, police departments, and other regional public work positions. Gary Day, Ryan Mackenzie, Pat Brown, and Charlie Dental all represent Upper Macungie as the legislators of the community. And many people also are employed by Parkland School District, which is the main school district for Upper Macungie.

Community Activities

Upper Macungie is known for providing a variety of different activities for the people of its community. For young children, the Upper Macungie baseball league is one of the top choices. Games are played throughout the spring and summer, and many people make their way to the games during their free time. Youth football is also quite popular in Upper Macungie, and many players have graduated from Parkland High School have gone on to play professional sports. For example, Andre Williams was a finalist for the 2014 Heisman Trophy Award, and now plays for the New York Giants in the NFL.

Upper Macungie is a growing community that is proving to be a great place for families to call home. For those that are looking to escape some of the busier cities in Pennsylvania, while still being close enough to reach places like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, Upper Macungie is a great place to call home.

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