Outside the Box Valentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Significant Other

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Chocolate, romance, and time with your significant other – what’s not to like about Valentine’s Day? While you might already have the perfect gift picked out for your better half, you might be at a loss of how you two will spend the day together. After all, dinner and a movie is so… orthodox. Here are a few outside-the-box activities you can do together that’ll have your sweetheart swooning.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

No matter how long you’ve been with your loved one, it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. Not only will you get to experience new things, but you’ll also grow as individuals – and as a couple. So, is there something on your bucket list that you’ve been meaning to try out but just haven’t gotten around to? Attending a dance class? Rock climbing? Skydiving? OK, it might a little too cold for that, but you get the idea. At worst, you’ll have a funny story to tell, and at best, you’ll have a new shared interest to get into.

Recreate Your First Date

This is a cute idea, especially for couples who’ve been dating for some time. If your SO is up for it, try going all the way back to the beginning by revisiting the places you went on your first date. While this idea isn’t going to work for every couple (such as those who’ve moved since they started dating), you can still take this V-Day as an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane.

Volunteer Together

It’s definitely nice to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, but it’s usually more rewarding to be on the giving side. But who said that you only have to give to your loved one? Doing a little charity work on Valentine’s Day is a great way to spend time as a couple while also giving back to the community. That doesn’t necessarily mean picking up trash on the side of the road or even passing out soup at a shelter, either. There are surely plenty of volunteer opportunities in your area, especially with any nonprofits that might be nearby.

Get Creative

And you thought you were too old for those cheesy Valentine’s Day poems! Doing something creative together is a fine excuse to get some bonding time in. There are plenty of ways you could show off your artistic sides. For instance, you could sign up for a one-time painting class or you could attend an inspiring poetry reading together. You could even spend the night at home collaborating on a story together. No matter with how your creative endeavors turn out, you’ll still have some keepsakes to remind you of the time you spent together.

Be a Couple of Tourists

Sometimes you just need to get out to have a little fun, and the two of you surely have places both near and far that you’ve wanted to visit at some point. So, why not pack up the car and going on a mini road trip? That’s if you have the time, at least. While you might have to wait until the weekend to get out of dodge, you can still have fun in your hometown – hit up the restaurants you haven’t been to yet, and if the weather is agreeable, take a walk downtown or through a part of the city you haven’t explored yet. There is such a thing as being a tourist if your hometown!

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