Reading Aloud: Why It’s Good for Children

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Reading aloud is a great way to help your child learn and grow. The benefits of reading aloud are well documented, so it’s no wonder that parents want their children to participate in this activity. Let’s explore three reasons why reading aloud is an awesome activity for your kids – whether you do it or they do it.

  • Reading aloud helps develop important cognitive skills and literacy techniques.
    • Reading aloud allows your child to hear words read by someone else – which is an excellent way for them to practice their understanding of how letters sound when connected together in words. It helps them to recognize words both phonetically and visually as well. 
    • Reading out loud also develops your child’s vocabulary skills because you will be able to explain new words simply (and perhaps even demonstrate) if it isn’t something they know yet. Explaining unfamiliar concepts while reading enables children not only to learn about those things but also helps to develop their curiosity. 
  • Reading aloud provides an opportunity to bond with your child.
    • You can enjoy books together and talk about what you’re reading or look at pictures while children practice following along. It also provides children with an opportunity to ask questions, which will help them make sense of things they might not understand yet but want to know more about. 
    • Reading out loud reinforces positive feelings between a parent and child by allowing them time to share ideas and thoughts – without any distractions since everyone is focused on one thing only: enjoying themselves! This lets parents teach important values, too – such as empathy – through stories. You can find lots of books that can help your child with the different feelings they experience as they grow up.
  • Reading aloud helps children increase their attention span. 
    • When children are exposed to books and stories from a young age, they learn how to listen for an extended period of time. This is because the brain learns that this activity is important – it’s not just about sitting on Mom’s or Dad’s lap in order to take up their free time. With repeated exposure throughout childhood, your child will find themselves becoming better at reading (and doing everything else) by simply paying attention more often.
  • Reading aloud helps children learn to love reading for themselves.
    • The act of listening while someone reads a book is one thing, but participating in the activity yourself is something else entirely – and it’s an important step you should take with your child. By being part of the process together, as well as having their favorite books read out loud by mom or dad, they’ll be able to see how much fun it can be and why reading makes them happy.
    • Hopefully, reading becomes a lifelong activity that they love – so that when they get older, they might even continue doing so on their own time without anyone “making them” do it. These are small steps towards independence that may seem unimportant early on but will become valuable later down the line.

Reading is fun for parents and children alike, especially if they get to choose the book from an early age. So the next time your child asks you to read them something or says ‘I like reading’ – don’t be surprised! By reading aloud to your child, you are helping them to become well-rounded individuals who will have a great vocabulary, a love for books, and a parental bond that can’t be broken.

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