Refresh Your Home Decor on a Budget

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Did you make a resolution to save money this year? Or, even if it wasn’t a resolution, is it a goal? Yet, have you recently looked around your apartment and thought to yourself, “I’d love to give my apartment decor a bit of a refresh.” 

It may seem impossible to do both – save money and update your home decor – but you can do it. Use these tips to give your place a little update that won’t break the bank.

  • Reconfigure Your Furniture: When is the last time you moved the furniture in your home? Or, has it been in the same place since you moved in? If you take the time to move your furniture and reconfigure its placement, you can create an entirely new look – for FREE! Try to think outside the box, so you don’t end up right back where you started.
  • DIY It: When you DIY things, you can save a lot of money and give your home the exact look you desire. Think about things that can be upcycled, reused, or made over to add something new to your home. Even if you don’t think you’re very handy, you can probably enlist the help of a friend or watch a quick video to provide you with some assistance.
  • Art Work: Art can have a big impact on a home, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing out a frame on an existing piece. Or, you can create your own artwork. Or, print photos and frame them. Just about anything can be art – so find some creativity and use it to your advantage.
  • Plants: You may not think that plants can add to your decor, but a great collection of plants or an oversized potted plant can make a significant impact. Be sure to place your plants where they’ll get plenty of light and water them regularly – so you don’t have to buy more (which won’t help you save money).
  • Shop Secondhand: If you think your apartment could use just a little something – maybe a new piece of furniture or artwork that you can’t create – then shop secondhand. Hit the secondhand stores, watch Facebook Marketplace, and check eBay or local garage sales. You can find some amazing deals that will work perfectly in your home.
  • Accessories: Accessories are important to make a space feel “homey.” And they’re easy to change out. Once again, you can shop secondhand for accessories and give your home a quick refresh with a few new things. Or, think about moving accessories to different rooms to change up your look.
  • New Cabinet Handles or Furniture Pulls: You would not think such a small change could make such a big addition to a room, but changing out your cabinet handles or furniture pulls can do just that. Head to your local hardware store to find handles or pulls that fit your existing furniture and make the change. (Be sure to hold onto the old ones so you can put them back on should you move out.)
  • Feature Wall: Creating a feature wall can change the look of a room. Paint, art, photos, shelves, and mirrors are just some of the things you can use to create a wall that really stands out. 

When you want to refresh your home without spending a ton of money, what do you do? Do you rearrange the furniture? Do you head to the thrift store? Do you make something yourself? Use these low-cost ways to give your home the look you want this year.

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