Should Your Daughter Join the Girl Scouts?

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Are you going back and forth on whether or not your little girl should join the Girl Scouts? Yes, there are dues that are to be paid, and there is a time commitment, but there is a lot for her to gain by joining. If you weren’t a girl scout, you may be hesitant to see the benefits of all of the camping and events. There is a reason why this organization has been going strong for over 100 years.

Benefits of Joining the Girl Scouts of America


  1. Builds Character: There will be ups and downs throughout your child’s time in the Girl Scouts, but that doesn’t mean she should give up. She will learn how to persevere, stick with something difficult, and conquer her fears, and will be well on her way to developing a strong character.
  2. Teaches Responsibility: One of the most well-known parts of Girl Scouts are the cookies they sell! The girls are all responsible for selling a set number of cookies a year. It’s a way to help them learn how business works, teaching them sales techniques, money management, and how to reach a goal. It’s an important skill to have as your child grows older. Entrepreneurship one of the many things that we have left out of the classroom, and there isn’t any other way to teach them than to do it. They’ll work together in groups to hit their sales goals, which will teach them how to collaborate in group settings. Each of the girls is held accountable for the boxes that they sell and the money that they receive from it. It’s a great way to start small to learn the building blocks of business.
  3. Good Fun and New Friends: The girls will go through lots of activities together, which will bond them close together. When your little girl starts, she’ll immediately have a new set of friends to interact with and play with every week. There will be crafts, lessons on skills like sewing, and parties and events to attend. Her social world will open up, and she’ll learn the ins and outs of how to be a good friend.
  4. Outdoor Activities: Not only are there plenty of indoor skills to learn, but there are also lots of outdoor things that she’ll be exposed to, too. Yes, there’s the traditional camping and fire building, but she’ll also do other fun things like horseback riding and swimming to see what other outdoor activities she might be interested in. She’ll learn basic survival skills and that it’s ok to get a little dirty. She’ll push herself exercising and learning how to communicate in an outdoor group setting.
  5. Life Lessons: Overall, your daughter will learn how to do things for herself and to think on her feet. She’ll have confidence in her abilities, and she’ll stand tall on her own two feet. She’ll be well equipped with life lessons and skills inside and outside to take on whatever comes her way through life. You’ll feel confident that you raised a strong young woman, and she’ll have the wherewithal to hold firm to her dreams.

The Girls Scouts is much more than selling cookies. It’s a place where little girls are given the tools to become strong young ladies. Give her an upstanding network of friends to connect with while she learns important life lessons along the way.

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