Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Valentine’s Day will soon be here, and it’s the perfect time to get crafty with the kids. After all, with colder weather, you might be looking for some indoor activities to keep your children busy.

Here are twelve cute Valentine’s Day crafts that your children will love to make. In fact, you might want to try several of these crafts as most of them don’t take long and aren’t too messy!

  • Melted Crayon Hearts: If you have children, you probably have a pile of broken crayons hanging around your home. And, once crayons are broken, lots of children don’t want to use them. So what can you do with the broken crayons? With a simple heart-shaped silicone mold, you can take those broken crayons and create new ones – that are heart-shaped! Just have the kids peel the paper off the broken crayons, place them in the molds, and melt them in the oven. When they cool, your children will have some fabulous new crayons for coloring.
  • Heart Stamps: This is such an easy stamp to make using cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls. With a simple bending of the roll, you can create a heart shape and then let your kids stamp with paint.
  • Baking Cup Flower Valentines: No need for real flowers when you can make these flowers using baking cups and lollipops. They’d make for great valentines for classmates or let your child make a bouquet for his teacher. Look for different colored baking cups to make some really creative flowers.
  • String of Hearts: Perhaps your children made paper chain garlands for Christmas, so why not make one for Valentine’s Day? These strings of hearts are so cute and make for a simple, but beautiful decoration for your home.
  • Pipe Cleaner Heart-Shaped Love Goggles: These “glasses” are so simple to make – just pipe cleaners and scissors. With a few simple twists, your child can be sporting some Love Goggles for the holiday.
  • Valentines Slime: The slime craze does not seem to be going away, and here is a Valentine’s Day slime that your children will love. You can color it red or pink and add some glitter to make it extra special.
  • Valentine’s Day Pom Pom Monsters: What child doesn’t love a craft that involves googly eyes? These Pom Pom Monsters are super sweet and would also make for a great valentine card alternative.
  • Handprint Love Bug: If you have toddlers, this is a great project for them as it is made from their handprint. They can then add heart-shaped wings and googly eyes to complete their Love Bug. Think about sending this craft to the grandparents!
  • Potato Stamping: Potato Stamping is great for just about any holiday, but for Valentine’s Day, you can make potato stamps in the shapes of hearts and X’s so that kids can play a game of tic-tac-toe.
  • String Heart Yarn Cards: These String Heart Yarn Cards are great to give as gifts and can help your child work on their fine motor skills as they learn to thread the yarn through the holes. The best part of these cards is that your child can criss-cross the string however they want.
  • Cork Love Bugs: If you have a few corks hanging around, let your child make these Cork Love Bugs!
  • Bring On the Bling Valentine Ring: Hershey’s Kisses are the basis for the ring  – so you have some bling and a sweet treat all in one. Your child will love giving these to their friends.

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to grab the craft box and sit down with the kids to make something cute. Which one of these projects will you be trying your children?

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