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Summer is coming, and besides being able to go outside because of the wonderful weather, you and the family might have some extra free time coming up. If you’re at a lack of ideas for a fun getaway, look no further than a trip to Dorney Park. The amusement park has a bit of everything for everyone young and old, brave and… not-so-brave. Here are some of the exciting things you can expect at Dorney Park this year.

The Same Exciting Rides

It’s the reason most people make the pilgrimage to Dorney Park: the breathtaking rides. With roller coasters such as Hydra, which pits you in a 105-foot drop and sends you through multiple loops and rolls, and Steel Force, which brings you to speeds of up to 75 miles per hour, you’ll definitely find the thrill you’re seeking. The excitement isn’t contained only to roller coasters, either. If you’re looking for some off-the-rails drops, check out the Demon Drop. The Drop plunges you ten stories in two-and-a-half seconds!

Roller-Coaster-With-LoopsOther Interesting Attractions

We can’t all be daredevils, and thankfully, Dorney Park has many attractions for those wanting a more relaxing experience. The youngsters – or young at heart – will love Planet Snoopy, an entire mini-park devoted to the beloved cartoon character. This world of Snoopy has small rides that are great for the little ones, including a moon bounce and swing ride. And for budding paleontologists, Dorney Park is also home to Dinosaurs Alive, an area of the park that brings the Mesozoic Era to the present day with more than 40 animatronic dinosaurs. Both an exciting and educational experience, Dinosaurs Alive features scenes based on fossil evidence, recreated with amazing feats of technology.

Cool Off at Wildwater Kingdom

If the summer heat is getting to you, you can always just hop over to Dorney Park’s waterpark, Wildwater Kingdom. Here you’ll find the same mix of high-stakes adventure rides and kid-friendly attractions, but in water form. From the twists and turns of Wildwater Rapids to the calming waves of Wildwater Cove, there really is something for all interests. And best of all, admission to the park doesn’t cost any extra! That’s right – you can get into both Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom with the same ticket.

Make Memories and Bring Them Home

You don’t have to leave the park empty-handed: cherish the fun times you and your companions have with souvenirs of your time at Dorney. Whether that’s a airbrushed T-shirt customized for your group or it’s a photo of you and your friends looking frightened while riding Hydra, Dorney Park has the keepsakes to keep your memories alive. There are also shops available for the necessities, so if you forget to bring sunscreen, you can pick up some up at the park.

Sometimes it’s nice to go and make our own adventures, but at other times, it’s better to go where you can count on some guaranteed fun. At Dorney Park, you’re sure to have a fun time, no matter what activities you decide to get up to. And if you aren’t able to make it to every attraction at Dorney Park, don’t worry – you can always get a season ticket!

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