6 Outdoor Kids Play Date Ideas

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Playing outside is the best for kids. They are able to run, get messy, and yell as loud as they want. They can get all of their energy out, and have a great time doing it. Having a friend with them makes playing outside even better.

  1. 6-outdoor-kids-play-date-ideasGiant Bubbles: Get a massive wand, and a large bucket for bubbles. Let your kids practice dipping and spinning around to create huge bubbles. As one kid makes the bubbles, the other can dance around trying to pop them. They’ll take turns until they are both covered in sticky bubble solution. Have a few sanitizer wipes on hand to quickly clean up the kids before heading back inside.
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Find an easily printable, basic scavenger hunt. It’ll have things on there like rocks, a branch, etc. Send your kids out on a scavenger hunt to see if they can find all of the things on the list. They can race each other or work together to complete the list. They’ll have a fun time exploring the new area, and they’ll learn what things are called and where they are typically found. As they gather their things, pile them up so they can take inventory of their treasures later.
  3. Sidewalk Chalk: Buy a cheap bucket of sidewalk chalk for a fantastic afternoon outside on the sidewalk. Make colorful artwork that everyone gets to enjoy. Have the kids draw each other, their pets, and anything else that pops into their heads. Let their imaginations run wild. They can also draw out games like hopscotch or four square to play after they are finished drawing.
  4. Drive-in Movie: See your child’s new favorite movie, and get outside all at the same time. Go to the drive-in movies with a few chairs and snacks. Park and set up a picnic area beside the car. They’ll love lounging around, dancing, and talking under the stars with their new friend.
  5. Ghost Stories and S’mores: Making s’mores by a fire is a staple of childhood. There’s nothing better than the gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate of a s’more. Somehow it tastes better outside. While you are waiting for your marshmallows to cook, tell spooky stories around the fire to make the kids jump, scream, and laugh. It’ll be a blast for everyone.
  6. Painted Pet Rock: Let your kids go explore to find a smooth rock, or one that they really like. Get some acrylic paint, and paint brushes. Let them design their pet rock with a face, emojis, or whatever else comes to mind. Give them the freedom to create whatever they like. Sign the bottom of it with their initials and the date. They can have it to remember the good time they had with their friend. Their pet rock can stay by their bedside or on a bookshelf for everyone to see.

Let kids learn and grow together as they play outside. It’ll be fun to explore the world while they make a friend. Little play date ideas help give the kids boundaries to let their imaginations go wild.

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