7 Beauty Trends For 2019

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Every year comes with a new wave of inspiration. Fashion ebbs and flows from year to year and decade to decade. It’s a direct reflection of what we experiencing culturally. It sets our beauty standards, and gives us guidelines on how to present ourselves to each other. The past year was about being healthy in your own skin. This year sticks with that trend, but now adds in a touch of glam.

  1. makeup trendsMinimum Effort, Maximum Impact: The glowing skin and youthfulness will never go out of fashion. You want to have a natural beauty look, but with one focal point. Have a bold shadow that sweeps across the eyes, or a strong lip color. Either way, choose one, and make it simple and strong. Use one eyeshadow color that requires little effort, but makes a big statement.
  2. Effortless Glamour: Avoid looking like you used every product on the shelf. Be decisive in what products you use, and keep things simple. Don’t cake on too much makeup, and have a sophisticated touch by only choosing one or two features to highlight. Classic looks like the cateye, red lip, and bold brows are all part of this look.
  3. Graphic Statements: Having bold, graphic eyeliner is all the rage. You can do stick on geometric patterns, or use neon colored liquid liners to achieve this look. Outlined cateye’s are a great way to start experimenting with this look.
  4. Hair Accessories: Everything from headbands to jewels are going into the hair. Use statement pieces from the past and include it in your simplistic glamourous look. Have 1920’s fascinators, feather, hats, and everything in between. If you go big with the headpiece, keep the makeup toned down.
  5. Pantone Colored Everything: Pantone always releases a color of the year. 2019 is all about the coral reef. You’ll see peachy pinks and oranges everywhere. It’s also one of the hottest hair color trends. People are matching their hair color with their eye shadow, down to their lipstick. Coral everything everywhere.
  6. Green Eyeshadow: To compliment the color of the year, we also have a striking green shimmer shadow showing up across eyelids. Use a bold color, streak it across the entire eye, and keep the lines sharp for the trendy touch. It’s a bold contrast to the coral, which will make your eyes pop.
  7. Metallic Details: You don’t want to go full chrome, but you do want to achieve an iridescence. Have a highlight sheen across the tops of your cheekbones and under the brows. Let your eyes shimmer in the light, and a “barely there” gloss over your lips.

The main theme is to express yourself with a simple, yet bold statement. Over the past few years, the full-face of makeup is taking a backseat to skincare. Keep things simple and healthy with natural glowing skin, and add in touches of color. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new looks. You’ll never know what you may end up falling in love with!

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