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Nothing makes for a better night out than a romantic evening at a fine dining experience with someone special. For those living in Upper Macungie, there are a select few options around town that will really enhance your evening. No matter what type of food you’re in the mood for, these restaurant options provide a fine dining experience that is second to none.

Here’s a look at the best fine dining options in Upper Macungie and the surrounding areas.

Savory Grille

Get ready for a culinary experience that you won’t soon forget at the Savory Grille. This restaurant is located inside of the Seisholtzville Hotel, which allows you to experience all of the character from a historic building. The menu includes a list of rotating options, which means you’ll always be in for something new at the Savory Grille. It’s also highly recommended that you call in advance and make reservations, as it can be difficult to get a seat.

One of the top fine dining options in the area is the Savory Grille, located inside of the Seisholtzville Hotel. Make it one of your first options when looking for a romantic night out with someone special.

Grille 3501

Fine-DiningGrille 3501 is set to attract a vibrant scene, making it a great option for those looking for the perfect fine dining Happy Hour. What really stands out at Grille 3501 is the large open bar with plenty of room to mingle with others. While you’re here, be sure to grab tapas and other light meal options, as you’ll find some extraordinary choices on the menu. Whether it’s Happy Hour drink specials or delicious food, Grille 3501 is the perfect fusion of new age fine dining.

Alternatively, Roar Social House is another option for fine dining with a vibrant atmosphere. If you’ve fallen in love with Grille 3501, give Roar Social House a try to experience something new.

Henry’s Salt Of The Sea

If you’re looking for the best seafood fine dining experience in the county, then search no further than Henry’s Salt Of The Sea. Henry’s offers some unique meal options, as the restaurant prides itself on always offering new choices for guests. Henry’s also offers great deals throughout the day, so you can stop by at any time. As a fine dining restaurant that isn’t limited to dinner, Henry’s Salt Of The Sea is worthy of visiting when in Lehigh Valley.

Inn At Maple Grove

The Inn At Maple Grove is praised for offering some of the most delicious fine dining options in the region. What you’re more likely to enjoy here, however, is the soothing ambiance that comes with an intimate setting. When you want to spend the evening with someone special and have everything else taken care of, you can rest assured knowing the Inn At Maple Grove provides that experience.

Take the night off from cooking and enjoy a meal made by someone else. Specially, these as the best fine dining options in Upper Macungie and its surrounding areas.  

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