Best Hiking Spots Near Upper Macungie

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If you’re from the area, then you may know that Upper Macungie, PA is one of the most scenic places around! No matter the season, driving through Upper Macungie yields scenic views in almost every direction. It’s no wonder, then, that the Upper Macungie, Breinigsville, and Allentown areas are the perfect place to spend the weekend outdoors. Here are some of the best hiking spots in Upper Macungie!

Upper Macungie Park – Fogelsville, PA: This park is the staple of the hiking community here, and for good reason! It overlooks a quarry, and includes areas for the dogs, kids, and family to play. There are plenty of athletic fields for practicing or just having fun, and the park is well maintained. Visitors rave about the park’s diverse atmosphere and never-ending list of fun things to do.

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Hassen Creek Nature Trail – Allentown, PA: Just on the outskirts of Upper Macungie is this nature lover’s heaven—Hassen Creek Trail. It may be a bit rocky, but beginner and advanced hikers alike will revel in the glory of its beautiful waterfalls. Keep an eye out for passing deer, and don’t forget the bug spray!

South Mountain Park – Emmaus, PA: Come to South Mountain Park for a true “good old fashioned” hiking experience. The trail is long, windy, and you’re bound to pass a few streams of spring water along your journey. On drier days, you’ll definitely come across some spots for relaxing, reading a book, or having lunch.

Bob Rodale Cycling & Fitness Park – Breinigsville, PA: This large wooded park is perfect for joggers, bikers, and hikers alike! There are nice, paved paths available for patrons to follow through the scenic park. Don’t forget to bring lunch to eat under the pavilions!

Trexler Memorial Park – Allentown, PA: Animal lovers can’t get enough of Trexler Memorial Park—it’s complete with a duck pond, and is usually swarmed with dogs! Spread out on the lawn and relax, or trek through the park to see some nature up close and personal. As a bonus, there are a number of cool and historic statues around the park for history fans to check out.

Rodale Park – Allentown, PA: Last but not least is this kid-friendly park perfect for the whole family. Take the kids, neighbors, friends, or just unleash your inner child and get swinging! This park features plenty of jungle gyms, playgrounds, tennis courts, a walking trail, and other things to keep you busy for a whole afternoon. Don’t forget the sunscreen when you’re away from the shaded areas!

What’s your favorite place to experience Upper Macungie’s natural beauties? Let us know the best hiking spots you’ve found in the comments below!

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