How to Celebrate Christmas in July

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “like Christmas in July.” While the phrase is usually used to denote something that’s just so strange to be true, some people have taken this phrase a little too literally, choosing to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday during the hottest month of the year! It’s a wacky concept, for sure, but it can be fun to build activities around, especially if you have some others who are in on the festivities. Here are a few things you can do to celebrate this kind-of-real holiday.

Get Festive With What You Can

OK, you’ve decided to fully embrace the silliness of a Christmas in July. Now what? There’s plenty of Christmas-related activities you can do, made even better if you have some open minded little ones willing to indulge in some fun in the sun. For starters, you can all head to the beach and build yourself a sandman. Don’t forget to bring a carrot for a nose! And where else but the beach could you do sandangels? Sure, your festive group is going to get some funny looks, but that’s half the fun.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Along with Thanksgiving, Christmas is known for big family-and-friend get togethers where we celebrate with a big meal. Frankly, those don’t happen nearly enough, so consider hosting your own Christmas in July dinner party. Also, why is it that we only eat candy canes during the winter season? Take the opportunity to eat like it’s Christmas Eve, complete with cookies for Santa (or yourself). As if you needed any other reason to eat some sweets.

Give Some Gifts to Your Loved Ones

Everyone loves getting gifts, and usually, they appreciate giving them just as much. But it’s only during Christmastime and a spare few other holidays during the year that it’s socially acceptable to give gifts. Buck that trend by getting your friends and family together for a gift exchange – no more waiting until the end of the year for the excitement of unwrapping a present. You could also mix things up by holding a secret Santa or white elephant party.

Prepare for Christmas in December

What better time to get ready for “real Christmas” than in July, the month that is literally furthest away from December? You can never be too prepared for Christmas, so also take this time to start laying the groundwork for December’s festivities. Chances are that, with Christmas far off in the distance, decorations will be on discount – if you can find them. Also, if you have Christmas travel plans, why not start looking at ticket prices now? Finally, you can start thinking about who’s been naughty and nice, though be sure to reevaluate once you get to the end of the year.

Christmas in July is meant to be a fun holiday, and the less seriously you take it, the more you’re bound to have a good time. But, just like during the real Christmas season, you’re going to have some Scrooges. Do your best to not let the naysayers get you down, or better yet, let them see the light of Christmas in July!

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