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Working from home has a lot of benefits. You have no commute. Access to a fully stocked fridge (providing you did the grocery shopping). No office distractions. And you can customize your home office to work for you.

So, what’s your home office like? Is it all you hoped it would be? Or, are you still working from the kitchen table and dreaming of your own workspace?

If it isn’t exactly how you’d like it or maybe you haven’t carved out a space for yourself – yet – then there’s lots of inspiration for you on Instagram. 

  • Home Office @WelcomeHomeETS: Your home office should be a reflection of you, and this often has some subtle touches to show that. The Lisbon map and the metal birds are nice touches. And the use of paint is great as it’s not an entire wall – just a nice bold stripe!
  • Home Office @Onesmileymonkey: If it’s you and a spouse working from home, or you have kids who need a place to do school work, then you may want two desks. The desks don’t need to be identical to work, and the picture wall is a great way to make the space “homey.”
  • Home Office @Eveline_rossi_jackson: A table can act as a desk for two as you see here. You may be wondering what you would do about storage – as a table doesn’t have any drawers – but the caddy next to the table works, and the bookshelves can also help you keep things organized.
  • Home Office @benuta.co.uk: Lots of personal touches in this office! The wall has a fantastic collection of images, and the area rug helps to bring it all together. And all of those plants help to bring in the outdoors.
  • Home Office @Thedreamsetup: A long and thin desk put up against a wall can definitely work! You’ll notice that this desk has all sorts of room for gadgets and gizmos – even a desk lamp to bring some additional light to the area.
  • Home Office @Haleyparker_904realtor: Light and bright with plenty of storage on either side of the desk make this a really functional office.
  • Home Office @Beautifulhomevibes: A ladder shelf has been repurposed to make a desk in this office – and it’s fabulous! With the addition of the boho touches like the ceiling light fixture, the round rug, and all of the plants – this space is really cozy.
  • Home Office @Luanova_arte: This is another beautiful boho home office. The macaramé wall hanging, desk chair, and area rug are the perfect additions to bring it all together.
  • Home Office @Cheechcreativa: Sometimes simple is best! This home office space has all of the office basics – plus a great mirror to give it a little pizzazz!
  • Home Office @Ustudiomx: If you want an industrial style home office that’s clean and not cluttered, check out this one. The combination of metal and wood is great.
  • Home Office @Wagnersystem: Here’s another fantastic home office that uses wood and metal to create a great workspace. The hairpin legs on the table/desk are eye-catching!
  • Home Office @Visaversalifestyle: Your home office doesn’t need to be huge to get the job done. This desk is attached directly to the wall and it looks like it’s meant to be there!
  • Home Office @ Escricenter: Do you have a little corner in your apartment that’s not being used? How about making that area your office? 
  • Home Office @Badgerhouse: Here’s another desk that’s been attached to a wall and tucked into a corner to make good use of the space. And the small decoration at eye level while seated is subtle but striking.

So, are you ready to create a home office space that works for you? Use these Instagram offices to find your inspiration – and then put your personal spin on it! After all, this needs to be a space where you will love to work!

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