How to Keep Allergens Out of Your Apartment

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If you have allergies, every day may be a constant struggle and reminder of the changes you have to make in order to live a normal life. To many people, home is a sanctuary and retreat that they can escape to after a long day of work. But for those that have allergies, home is a place that needs to be cared for in order to avoid the accumulation of dust and allergens. To do just that, here are some ways to keep allergens out of your apartment.

Understand Your Allergies

If you’ve lived your entire life with allergies, then you can skip down to the next section. However, if the sudden sneezing, itching, and watery eyes is new, then you may need to go to an allergy specialist to find out what sort of allergies you have. Someone who is allergic to pets will want to safeguard their home and eliminate allergens differently than someone who is allergic to pollen.To find out whether you should be closing the window or saying goodbye to a family pet, visit your allergy center first in order to determine what causes your allergic reactions.

Woman-with-AllergiesGet Rid Of Anything That May Contain Allergens

You know that bed you just dropped a few hundred bucks on a few months ago? It may be helping with your back, but it might be the first thing you need to get rid of if you have allergies. Your bed, carpets, rugs, and other furniture are all hotbeds for allergies. If you notice that your allergies are out of control due to the things you have in your apartment, it’s time to refurnish your home.

Clean Your Cleaners

You might think that your vacuum, mop, and other cleaning agents are all good to go when it comes to allergens. After all, these are all full of ingredients that are intended to help you clean your home. However, the truth is that things like your vacuum or mop might be full of allergens. Consider switching out your old vacuum for a HEPA-certified unit, or replacing your mop altogether if it’s been a while, and see if this makes a difference in breathability and allergy reactions around the home.

Avoid Tracking In Problematic Allergens

You might be doing all you can to keep things clean, but that won’t matter if you are simply tracking things in everyday when you come home from work. As you go through your day, you accumulate countless microorganisms and allergens on your shoes. If you then wear your shoes at home, all of those contaminants will end up inside of your living space. To avoid this, lay down a mat at the entryways, and wipe your feet before coming inside.

Your apartment should be safe haven where you feel relaxed and comfortable. But if you are continually harbored by your allergies, then such comfort won’t be likely. To avoid allergies inside your home, consider the tips here for cleaning things up and staying allergen free.

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