How to Make a Great Flower Arrangement

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A gorgeous flower arrangement is a thing of beauty – and it can bring joy to someone or brighten any room. 

But they can be expensive to purchase. 

So why not learn how to make your very own floral arrangements? 

It’s definitely more cost-effective – and will ensure that it contains the flowers you love. Plus, if you love giving flowers to friends and family, it can be a way to create something that specifically matches their personality and likes.

  • Grab Your Materials: The first thing you want to do is grab all of the materials you will need:
    • Flowers: Yes, you’ll need flowers! Pick up some fresh-cut flowers that you love and will work in your arrangement. Check your local supermarkets, Trader Joe’s, or warehouse stores (such as Sam’s Club or Costco) for flowers, or check with your local florist to see if they’ll sell directly to you.
    • Vase: Decide on a vessel for your flowers. The great thing is that it can be anything that will hold water and flowers – even something as simple as a coffee mug. If you don’t have any vases, check your local thrift shop or dollar store for inexpensive ones. 
    • Pruning Scissors: If you think you’ll be making arrangements often, invest in some pruning shears. These will help you cut the stems at an angle (which is best for the flowers to soak in water) and keep you from damaging household scissors with tough stems.
    • Chicken Wire: Grab some to help with your arrangements.
    • Floral Tape: Another must-have for making flowers stay where you want them to be.
  • Decide Where It Will Be Displayed: You’ll want to decide where you will display your flower arrangement as that will help you determine how big or small you want it to be. For example, if it will be going on a dining table, you might want to make an arrangement that is not so tall – so that conversations can be had easily.
  • Picking Your Flowers: Decide on which flowers will work in your arrangement. Are you looking to stay with one specific color? Do you need a variety of flowers in different shapes and sizes? When you make a few basic decisions before you head out shopping, it will make it infinitely easier and help you avoid overbuying.
  • Get Some “Filler”: You might need some “filler” for your arrangement. It could be some smaller flowers (i.e., baby’s breath), green leaves, or even twigs. These things can help to add interest to your arrangement.
  • Remove All the Lower Leaves: When you are ready to start arranging, be sure to remove all of the lower leaves. Doing this will help your flowers to last longer and keep your water fresher.
  • Place and Play: Then start placing your flowers in your vase. And don’t be afraid to “play” with your arrangement. You may need to move things around and change their placement to make it look just right. (And be careful not to cut your stems before you are sure of where they will go!)
  • Keep It Balanced: You’ll want to keep your arrangement balanced. Take a look at your arrangement to make sure it looks balanced visually and physically.
  • Add Some Flower Food: Your cut flowers are going to need some food to keep them looking great. You can make homemade flower food that will help feed them and prevent bacteria and fungi growth.
  • Regularly Add/Change the Water: And yes, make sure they are regularly getting water. The water may need to be changed (and more flower food added), or you can simply top it off with some freshwater.

Once you get started, you may find that you have a natural talent for making stunning flower arrangements. Give it a try! Use these tips and create something gorgeous!

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