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Pennsylvania is famous for lots of things. Hershey chocolate, the Poconos, the Liberty Bell, the Pennsylvania Dutch, and the Appalachian trail – just to name a few. 

Of course, if you ask sports lovers what Pennsylvania is famous for they are bound to mention one of the many professional teams that hail from the state. Pennsylvania is lucky to be the home to professional hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams. Let’s learn a little bit more about some of Pennsylvania’s favorite teams.

The Philadelphia Teams

  • Philadelphia Flyers: This hockey team became a part of the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1967, and they’ve made Philadelphia their home ever since. Throughout the years, the Flyers have experienced many ups and downs, but they have two Stanley Cups and many conference and division championships to be proud of. With some great rivalries, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, and great players, the Flyers are a great team to watch.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: The 2017 Super Bowl Champions, the Eagles also make Philly their home. The Philadelphia Eagles were established in 1933 and have been a strong football team ever since. Attracting great players such as Chuck Bednarik, Steve Van Buren, Reggie White, and others, this team has quite the legacy. They also have quite the fan base, having sold out every home game since 1999. 
  • Philadelphia Phillies: If you’re ready to head to the ballpark and see some baseball, then you might want to go to Philadelphia to watch the Phillies. The Phillies have been a very successful team through the years and won the World Series in 1980 and 2008. Now managed by Gabe Kapler, the Phillies have a great roster, and it’s a great place to bring the kids. After all, who wouldn’t want to see the Phillie Fanatic (The Phillies’ mascot)?
  • Philadelphia 76ers: The Philadelphia 76ers are one NBA’s oldest franchises and well-supported by their Pennsylvania fans. Some of the NBA’s greatest players have come through Philadelphia. Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, and Allen Iverson are just a few of the outstanding former 76ers. And, if you’re looking to attend a rivalry game – grab some tickets when the Sixers play the Boston Celtics.
  • Philadelphia Union: The most recent addition to the professional teams in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia Union. The Union is a professional soccer team that began playing in 2010. With soccer being such a popular sport internationally, it only makes sense that Philadelphia would have their very own team and the fans are definitely supporting them. 

The Pittsburgh Teams

  • Pittsburgh Penguins: The Pittsburgh Penguins became a team in 1967 during the first NHL expansion. The Penguins have racked up a lot of wins in recent years, with five Stanley Cups since 1991. Pittsburgh has seen a lot of great players on the team, but by far and away one of the most beloved has to be Mario Lemieux. It’s appropriate that his last name translates as “the best” as he is definitely one of the best to play for the Penguins.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: If you’re going to talk about championship teams, then you have to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have eight Super Bowl appearances and have won six. The Steelers have a great fan base and have sold out every home game since 1972. If you haven’t been to a Steelers game, be sure to grab your Terrible Towel and see one!
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Pittsburgh also has a professional baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates play their home games at PNC Park and have won five World Series titles. One of the most famous players to play ball for the Pirates is Jackie Robinson. His number, 42, has been retired throughout all of baseball. 

If you’re looking to support a Pennsylvania team, you’ve got lots of choices for professional sports. Soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, and football all have pro teams in the state – so pick one (or more) and get ready to cheer for your team!

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