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With the kids off school, do you find you’re always looking for something to do – either something they can do or something you can do together? If you answered yes, then take a look at this summer bucket list! There are tons of ideas to make this the best summer ever!

  1. melting ice cream coneHead to the pool for a game of Treasure Hunt
  2. Pack a picnic and head to the park.
  3. Make s’mores.
  4. Build a fort in the living room on a rainy day.
  5. Create Kindness Rocks and leave them for people to find. 
  6. Have a living room campout.
  7. Help your children set up a lemonade stand for charity.
  8. Head to the library for storytime.
  9. Go fly a kite on a windy day.
  10. Go to Shankweiler’s Drive-In to see a movie.
  11. Grill some hot dogs and eat dinner in the community picnic area.
  12. Tie-dye some t-shirts.
  13. Pass out watermelon to everyone at the pool on a hot afternoon.
  14. Buy a new board game and learn to play it together.
  15. Go play a round of miniature golf.
  16. Eat soft ice cream.
  17. Day trip to Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark
  18. Go for a bike ride.
  19. Play hopscotch.
  20. Have a pizza, pajamas, and a movie night.
  21. Watch some fireworks.
  22. Go pick fresh berries.
  23. Go bowling.
  24. Attend a baseball game.
  25. Send postcards to someone far away.
  26. Bake cookies for a neighbor that you do not know.
  27. Make paper airplanes and measure how far they fly.
  28. Skip rocks at the lake.
  29. Gather all the kids together for a talent show one evening.
  30. Make homemade bubbles
  31. Draw shadow art with chalk.
  32. Visit a local farmers’ market.
  33. Make root beer or Coke floats.
  34. Go roller skating.
  35. Create friendship bracelets and then give them to friends.
  36. Take a nature walk.
  37. Play catch.
  38. Let the kids prepare dinner.
  39. Have a water balloon fight.
  40. Go to a carnival or fair.
  41. Go to the movies.
  42. Check books out at the library.
  43. Catch fireflies once it gets dark.
  44. Go to the zoo and make funny faces at the penguins.
  45. Stay up until midnight.
  46. Eat corn on the cob.
  47. Visit a museum and learn something new.
  48. Go hiking.
  49. Look for rainbows after a thunderstorm.
  50. Complete a scavenger hunt.
  51. Eat cake for breakfast – just because.
  52. Watch the sunset.
  53. Take pictures of different flowers on a walk.
  54. Do a fun science experiment.
  55. Share a journal together.
  56. Take turns reading aloud each week.
  57. Have a dance party.
  58. Go to the gym and play some basketball.
  59. Try some yoga together. 
  60. Volunteer at the local shelter or food pantry as a family.
  61. Run a race.
  62. Have friends for a sleepover.
  63. Make homemade popsicles.
  64. Attend a kid’s workshop at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  65. Go to the driving range and hit balls.
  66. Play frisbee.
  67. Learn to hula hoop.
  68. Invite the neighbors for an ice cream sundae party.
  69. Plant a container garden.
  70. Visit mom or dad at work.
  71. Play flashlight tag after dark.
  72. Bring a bouquet of flowers to an elderly neighbor.
  73. Start a blessings jar
  74. Jump rope.
  75. Do some arts and crafts. 

Make the summer of 2019 the best summer yet when you tackle this list of summer activities! Your kids will love that you have an endless list of fun right at your fingertips!

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