Valentine’s Day Date Night Meals

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Instead of trying to tough it out with everyone else looking to make a reservation on Valentine’s, consider how you can turn your night into an evening that your special someone will never forget. By whipping up something in the kitchen, you’ll show them that you took the time to make a romantic meal that represents how much you care.

No matter what your level of kitchen confidence is, here are some great Valentine’s Day date night meals that your special someone will surely love.

Flank Steak With Herb-Garlic Potatoes

This recipe for herb-garlic crusted flank steak with pan-roasted grapes looks a lot more challenging than it actually is, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. You’re looking at less than 30 minutes of cook time to whip this up and it includes a host of hearty options that’ll fill your belly. If your love has a passion for steak, this is a great recipe for putting together on the most romantic evening of the year.

Lobster Colorado

Valentines-Day-DinnerGo all-out with this recipe for Lobster Colorado. A meal of lobster and steak is a sure way to find your place in that special someone’s heart, as you’ll have to put in effort to master this recipe. You’ll need to juggle broiling the fillets, while also perfectly cooking the bacon and lobster at the same time. Although difficult, following this recipe will leave you with a meal that won’t soon be forgotten. Test your skills with this tasty recipe for Lobster Colorado.

Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli

A great option for those looking for a health-conscientious menu, look no further than this ravioli recipe. Time and effort will go into this intermediate recipe, making for a delicious spinach and mushroom ravioli after 2 hours of cook time. This recipe yields just enough for two, which is perfect for your romantic evening. Pair with a nice white wine and this ravioli will be a healthy favorite you come back to.

Honey-Soy Salmon With Mushrooms

Looking to keep it light this Valentine’s Day? This delicious recipe for honey-soy salmon with mushrooms and peppers won’t break your diet (too bad, at least), and it’s well worth the effort. It requires a moderate cooking skill level, but you can whip it up in under an hour of total time. There are a host of flavors in this tasty recipe, making it even better considering it is relatively healthy.

Chocolate Blackout Cake

Finish the night off with this decadent chocolate blackout cake. Despite the fact that this recipe will take a few hours to complete, it’s well worth the time investment when you sink your teeth into the first bite. Perfect with a glass of wine, you’ll cap the night off with a sweet romantic touch with this chocolate blackout cake.

Make this Valentine’s Day an extra special one by crafting up some meal options that your significant other is sure to enjoy. With these Valentine’s Day date night meals, you’ll both enjoy a romantic evening, without the chaotic rush that typically comes from going out.

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