7 Amazon Gift Ideas for the Tech Savvy Friend

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Tech gifts are always a great option because they are so handy for our daily lives. You don’t have to worry if your gift will go unused sitting in a closet. A tech gift is something that integrates with our daily lives to make life a little easier. Plus, they’re lots of fun! Here are the 7 best Amazon gift ideas for the tech savvy friend!

  1. 7-amazon-gift-ideas-for-the-tech-savvy-friendAmazon Echo Plus (Gen 2): $150 

    It’s the ultimate way to connect your entire house to one central device. You can control the lights, security systems, thermostat, and more with the Amazon Echo. No matter where you are in the world, you still have control over your house. With a few simple words, you can effortlessly play music, read the news, and keep an eye on your kids while you’re out.

  2. Echo Dot Kids Edition: $50 

    This smart device was specially created for kids. It comes in fun colors, and it gives them 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited so they can read books, listen to music, and more. They are easy to use and set parental controls. It automatically filters out explicit content from songs. Plus, you can call in and tell the kids it’s time for dinner.

  3. Quadcopter Drone with Camera: $72 

    Take amazing aerial shots with this quadcopter drone. There are features to make hovering easy, and it can cover about 50-100m distance from the remote. It has a built in camera to take still shots and shoot action video.

  4. Multi Device Charging Station: $40 

    It’s so frustrating to have all of your electronics strewn about the house in different locations charging. Not to mention, it takes up outlet space to keep everything plugged in. Keep everything nicely filed away while not in use to keep it charged up and ready to go. You’ll never have to wander through the house again looking for your iPad or phone. It’ll all be connected in one spot.

  5. Magnetic Floating Globe: $33 

    The traditional desk globe just got an upgrade. You can now have a floating globe suspended by magnets. It has a sleek blue light as well, which makes it an attractive addition to any desk. It’s great for students, teachers, kids, and college dorms.

  6. Ring Doorbell with Wi-Fi: $100 

    These camera doorbells have been a major hit. As more people buy online, they want to make sure that their packages aren’t being lifted at the door. It’s nice to be able to see the traffic outside of your house no matter where you are. You can respond immediately by calling the police if you see suspicious activity, or you can welcome the kids home before you’re there.

  7. Bluetooth Beanie: $19 

    Keep your head warm and listen to your favorite music at the same time. Other bluetooth headphones can be uncomfortable and difficult to keep in while wearing winter head gear. This beanie solves that problem. You can answer phone calls and listen to podcasts for at least 4 hours of continuous play time.

Electronics don’t have to be pricey. You can find a tech gift that fits within your budget that your loved one will love. Find that perfect gift to add a WOW factor to your holidays. It’ll warm your heart, as well as bring joy to the one you give it to.

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