How to Stay Active During Cold Months

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It’s difficult to stay motivated to exercise when it’s cold out. The daylight is short and the air nips, which makes the couch seem more attractive. You can start to feel sluggish and fall into bad health habits. Staying active isn’t only good for your physical health; it also is important for your mental health. The more you move, the better you’ll feel.

  1. how-to-stay-active-during-cold-monthsWalk/Run Indoors: Make a routine out of going to a local indoor track or walking around the mall. By getting off the treadmill and walking somewhere else, your brain will have more things to keep it occupied. It’ll be easier to do more without realizing it. At the mall, you’ll always have new people and things to look at, and get to do some window shopping while you’re at it. A local track is nice to give you an exact idea of the distance that you’ve covered.
  2. Take the Stairs: Forget about the elevator and the escalator. Go for the stairs as often as you can. Look for little ways to keep your heart rate up throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how a little bit more effort and energy and perk you up. If you’re feeling sluggish during the day, take a brisk walk and challenge yourself with a good flight of stairs. Afterwards, you’ll have more energy, think better, and stay motivated throughout work.
  3. Go Swimming: Find an indoor swimming pool and become a member. Swimming is an excellent whole body exercise that puts little stress on your joints. You can walk laps in the pool, swim laps, or do an aerobics class. Temperature-controlled pools may feel cool when you first jump in, but after a lap, you’ll enjoy the water. The best part is a hot shower after a great swim.
  4. At Home Gym: Take advantage of the home gym with your apartment. It’s only a few steps away, and it has everything that you need to keep the winter hibernation from setting in. Start off your day strong by getting your heart rate up. Go for a brisk walk on the treadmill, or do a few miles on a bike to get your cardio in. Don’t forget about doing some weights as well. Dumbbells are great for isolating muscle groups so that one side doesn’t do more work than another. Body weight movements, like push ups and squats are perfect for getting you breathing hard and keeping your muscles toned.
  5. Do Yoga: Both men and women can benefit from doing yoga. You can do a recovery program, or you can do a full workout with yoga. Find a class near you to give you the challenge that you need. It’s always nice to have familiar faces around you to workout next to. There are set times, so that you know exactly how long the workout will take, and you can keep yourself accountable by it. Yoga will increase your flexibility, give you better control over your breathing, and have you do bodyweight static holds for your muscles. Find a hot yoga class near you. That warm air will feel great during the cold months.

The hardest part is getting off the couch. Once you get up and start moving, you’ll be glad that you did. It’ll give you more energy during the day, keep you feeling great, and keep the doctor away.

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