Best Cafes in Upper Macungie

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Add some joy into your mornings with a custom made cup of coffee! There are several local spots near Upper Macungie that boast excellent homemade pastries, food, and of course, a strong cup of Joe. Skip over the chains to support local businesses, and trust the passionate baristas who make their products in-house. See which area is closest to you – but it’s worth the drive to try all five.

  1. Coffee House Without Limits: This is a fun and eclectic place to grab a quick cup of coffee. There’s original art on the walls with an unassuming, funky vibe that is cozy. It’s also a cruelty-free spot, so everything on the menu is  egan, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking flavor. They have rave reviews for their pastries and small plates. It is a small space, but they use it well. There are times when the space gets a little tight. The cafe also has open mic nights and other fun evening events to keep you caffeinated and entertained any time of day. The only downside is that they don’t open until 10am, which doesn’t make it a great option for the early commuter. But if you’re into coffee crafted with care, then you’ll love this little indie spot.
  2. 3 Men and a Bagel: If you’re in need of a freshly baked bagel, then you’ve found your spot. 3 Men and a Bagel craft every bagel every morning, and offer unique flavors like chocolate chip, jalapeno, asiago, cranberry, and more. It’s an excellent breakfast or lunch spot in Upper Macungie. Even their sandwiches are served on warm bagels. The best part is that it’s so reasonably priced. A bagel and lox cream cheese will run you a whole $3. Just be prepared to stand in line if you come on a weekend!
  3. Uptown Espresso Bar: This local coffee shop is proud of its farm-to-table produce and free-range meats. They are also known for their soups and expertly crafted coffees. The baristas are well educated in making the perfect cup, and every bowl of soup is meant to savor. It’s located near a college area, so there are students in and out. You won’t find any low fat options here, because the owner believes that low fat means less quality.
  4. Taylor Roaster Coffee House: This snug coffee shop is also its own roaster. Every blend is created in house, which ensures the utmost freshness in every cup. The baristas are well versed in the various types of roastings that they offer, and can brew it however your heart desires. If you need help finding the perfect brew for you, one of the staff members can walk you through their flavor options so you always wind up with the perfect cup. Don’t forget to get a freshly baked pastry to go along with it! All of the baked goods are made daily from local bakeries.
  5. The Market Cafe: About two years ago, The Market Cafe went under new management, now run by two young folks who have been getting excellent reviews. They have grown the business and have opened up the menu to include rotating homemade specials. There’s always something new to try for breakfast or lunch. They not only serve on location at their spot in Upper Macungie, but they cater events as well. They can cater everything from a low-key backyard get together, to a sophisticated wedding. It’s a cute place with a well kept patio area that is perfect for the spring.

Upper Macungie has so much to offer in the coffee scene. Enjoy your morning cup, and take a sandwich or bagel to go. Fresh will always beat out stale store-bought pastries. Try new flavors and blends, knowing that your local baristas won’t let you down at these best cafes in Upper Macungie!

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