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Not everyone loves a good DIY project, but if you do – you might be a little addicted. You’re probably always looking at how you can recreate something yourself or repurpose something so that it becomes useful again. You spend hours searching the internet for your next great project.

And if you’re new to the land of DIY, you might be wondering how to get started. Don’t worry! There is no shortage of great websites where you can learn to do just about anything. Here are some excellent sites you can check out before you tackle a DIY project.

  • Instructables: Instructables is more than just home DIY projects – it’s about all sorts of DIY projects. You can find anything from cooking and crafts to electronics and classroom projects. And the best thing is that each project is submitted by another DIYer. The projects list all of the supplies and tools you’ll need, along with step-by-step instructions on how to complete it – most with lots of pictures and even videos. For example, check out this Wine and Liquor Storage Unit made from a firewood rack. It’s beautiful!
  • This is a fantastic website for DIYers when it comes to anything and everything related to your home. You can easily search by one of these categories:
      • Cars, Trucks, and Boats
      • Gardening and Outdoor
      • Electrical and Electronics
      • Hardware, Tools, and Woodworking
      • Interior Home Improvement
      • Exterior Home Improvement
      • Plumbing and HVAC
      • Household and Cleaning
      • Lifestyle, Crafts, and Recreation
    • The instructions are easy to follow, for example, “How to Turn a Wallpaper Mural Into a Large Scale Hanging Picture.” Wouldn’t this make an amazing statement piece?
  • DIY Network: Do you watch the DIY Network on television and love it? Then you need to head to their website. It’s chock full of great projects like “6 Stylish Updates That Can Be Made in a Rental Kitchen.” You can search by typing in a few keywords to find a project and then get started.
  • Vintage Revivals: Vintage Revivals is a blog and DIY site. The “Projects” area is full of awesome ideas that you can do for your own place. There are many different categories to choose from, but the “Decor and Crafts” area is outstanding. If you need a throw for your living room that will stand out, then the Giant Pom Pom Throw is for you!
  • Manhattan Nest: Daniel Kanter is the blogger behind Manhattan Nest, and he started blogging in 2010 from his college dorm room. His blog now covers a wide variety of topics, but he shares some really great DIY projects. His tutorials will make you feel like you can accomplish even the most complicated project.
  • House*Tweaking: House*Tweaking is no longer an active blog, but it still has a lot of great resources for DIYers. If you’re not sure where to get started, click on “Categories” and go from there. You can find things related to organization, housekeeping, and much more. 
  • The Design Confidential: The Design Confidential has a bit of everything from recipes and cocktails to DIY furniture creations and home renovation projects. While the blog hasn’t been updated in a while, if you are looking to make some easy outdoor furniture for your patio or balcony, you should check out this site.
  • Remodelaholic: There are some fantastic project ideas on Remodelaholic. You can check the “Project Ideas” area or search for projects by room. Cassity, who is the creative force behind this blog, has some fabulous ideas.     

What kind of project do you want to do? Something for the kitchen? Living room? No matter what room you want to create something for, one of these fantastic DIY sites can help. 

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