Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

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Living in an apartment can provide for a variety of different benefits. Many apartments are located in great areas with tons of amenities, so you’ll never have to worry about a shortage of activities to keep you busy.

However, one of the downsides that many people complain about with apartment living is the presence of noisy neighbors. When you are living right next to someone and you share a wall with one another, it might seem like every move they make shakes your entire apartment.

Since you have to continue living next to your neighbors, at least through the terms of your lease, then it’s unlikely that you’ll want to cause any sort of rift or conflict with them. That is why it’s important that you deal with your noisy neighbors in a way that will still make things pleasant for everyone involved.

Here are some calm and collected tips for dealing with noisy neighbors, which will hopefully improve your apartment living conditions.

Loud-NeighborsAddress Your Neighbor First

It’s amazing that people often look for any sort of solution to fix a noisy neighbor, but they overlook the simple idea of going and talking with the people next door. The truth is that the person next to you is a human just like you are, and talking to them might be a great way to get them to quiet down a bit. Granted, talking to a neighbor can be a bit nerve-wracking at first. However, if you go and introduce yourself first, then talk about noise concerns later, then it presents a calming environment that both parties can rationally talk about.

Introduce Yourself As A Way To Break The Ice

When talking with your neighbor, it’s a good idea if you don’t accuse them of being incredibly noisy and inconsiderate. Instead, explain to them that you can hear the noises they are making. They might be surprised to find out that they are being so loud, at which point they’ll likely be incredibly apologetic and work towards being more accommodating to neighbors in the future.

Address Your Schedule And Noise Concerns

If your neighbor is someone who works the graveyard shift at their job, they may have a schedule that is entirely different than yours. When this happens, it may end up affecting your sleep and how you go through your day. Therefore, when you are having your introductory conversation with your neighbor, consider getting to know one another better in terms of the schedules that you both have. By understanding one another’s schedule, you and your neighbors will have a better respect for when it’s thoughtful to keep it down. After all, it’s just as unlikely that your neighbor will want you to keep them up, and they’ll be able to understand how things would look if the tables were shifted.

Many people avoid living in an apartment because of the fear of noisy neighbors. However, apartments offer so many benefits that this truly shouldn’t be something that keeps you from such a convenient lifestyle. Instead, consider the tips here for talking and addressing that noisy neighbor who might be bothering you.

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