Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

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Along with a good old-fashioned egg hunt, nothing says Easter like some craft activities. Dress up your surroundings for the season with these fun activities that the kids will love.

Become a Bunny With This Funny Bunny Frame

With just a few supplies, anyone can become an Easter bunny with this funny bunny frame. This cute idea is centered around the idea of building a mask out of a cardstock frame, some pom poms, and felt. The result will be begging for a picture.

Chick and Bunny Treat Holders for the Easter Goodies

Along with festivities like craft making and egg hunting, what else is Easter known for? Candy, of course! These treat holders are appropriate for the day and the perfect way for the little ones to stash away their sweet supplies in style.

Easter Egg Countdown

Easter-EggsChristmas is usually the holiday that gets the countdown, but who says Easter can’t as well? If you have a few days to spare before the holiday, consider this Easter egg countdown idea. With this advent calendar of sorts, you can hide treats or riddles as the youngsters count down to the day.

Bring out the DIY With Paper Grass

Where there’s candy and eggs, there’s usually paper grass. You know, those colorful, crumpled bits of paper that go into the basket along with the treats. Instead of buying at the store, take this as an opportunity for the children to make their own paper grass. Not only will you save a trip to the store, but you’ll also get the kids involved.

Jelly Bean Bracelets for the Fashionable

For the little fashionistas out there, simple egg painting might not be enough. Appeal to their eye for fashion with these jelly bean bracelets, made with candy and a stretch cord. For some fun, see how long the bracelet last through the day before getting eaten!

Let Nothing Go To Waste With Egg Carton Bunnies

The time-tested Easter tradition of painting eggs is all well and good, but what do you do with the cartons the eggs come in? They probably get chucked into the recycling bin. Put them to more festive use with this egg carton bunny design.

Easter-Themed Painting With Wine Cork Chick Stamps

Any craft day is most likely to include some finger painting. If you and the kids see yourselves channeling Monet this Easter, check out these wine cork chick stamps, complete with adorable construction paper beaks. You’ll be happy to pin the results to the refrigerator.

Bust Out the Paper Plates to Make Easter Bunnies

What’s a craft day without paper plates? Yes, these paper plates are staple supplies for kid-friendly activities, and that’s no different on Easter. This paper plate bunny idea sees the kids using a paper plate to make a bunny face, with cotton balls for the fur, pipe cleaners for the whisker and a smile, and construction paper for the ears. Adorable!

You’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared for your artsy activities, so be sure to read up on the instructions for each craft you’d like to work on beforehand. Time to stock up on glue and construction paper!

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