Haunted Attractions in/around Upper Macungie

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Are you looking for a thrill this Halloween? There are three terribly scary locations near Macungie that you need to visit during this spooky holiday season. Some are even great for the whole family! Read about each one to find out which attraction is best for you.

Lehigh Valley Zombie: The closest haunted attraction to Upper Macungie is the Lehigh Valley Zombie Screampark. This interactive park gives you the opportunity to fight the zombies as if you were in a real zombie apocalypse. Ride alongside fellow soldiers in a military-style truck armed with 24 semi-automatic zombie assault rifles (filled with paintballs).  Even if you’re not a fan of the scary zombies, you’ll still have a great time on the truck as a fun hayride. They’ve extended the course this year, and the ride is now over a mile long.

        They’ve added another scarier version for after dark. After 9pm, this fun hayride becomes a Kill Ride. Be sure to come prepared to have your pants scared off.

After the rides, make sure to visit the barnyard to walk through their other attractions. There’s a scary tour, and a not-so-scary tour. Finish off the night by sitting near the campfire and enjoying some good food and laughs with friends.

As you make your way over there, follow the signs for Stone Haven Supply. You’ll find all the fun in the back property. The scream park is only open Thursday through Sunday from September 30 through November 4. Make sure to get your tickets now!

Hotel of Horror: Take a 45-minute trip up close to the Poconos for a thrill you won’t forget. It’s well worth the drive. There are 3 separate attractions to walk through with different themes. All of them are housed in the 200 year old “abandoned” resort called The Lake House.

Exhibition Macabre: See static displays of the gruesome experiments and medical procedures from years past. There are actual antiques that were used in medical, dental, funeral fields, as well as asylum and penitentiary tools used on inmates. You can see how the preparation of the dead and the remembrance of life has changed over time.

Altered Nightmares: Walk through this twisting maze to see live actors bring your worst nightmares to life. Experience a world of mystery and terror.

Hotel of Horror: The asylum inmates have escaped and overrun the floor. Beware of what their insane minds will come up with. You may become part of the asylum in the end.

They are open rain or shine, Friday-Sunday from September 23 to November 4.

Pennhurst Asylum: Take a 45 minute drive south to experience one of the most horrifying attractions around. The Pennhurst Asylum has added a new attraction this year, called Containment. Check out all 4 of their spine-tingling tours!

Containment: The new attraction for 2017 is a maze of tunnels under the Pennhurst complex. You’ll find yourself in a hidden government facility that’s been underground for decades. Witness inhumane experiments and other horrifying nightmares come to life.

Pennhurst Asylum: This is the main attraction. Walk through this “Hospital” and live through the terrifying truths of the past.  See artifacts from the original 1908 Pennhurst State School. Actors and special effects bring this hospital to life in the worst way imaginable.

The Dungeon of Lost Souls: Enter a labyrinth of never-ending hallways and holding cells where things have gone horribly wrong. Go back in time to witness deadly human experiments and torture.

Mayflower After Dark: This is a self-guided tour on one of the most ghostly active locations on campus. It’s been featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. Wander through the dormitories and hallways with just a flashlight. The halls have been left as they were decades ago.

Pennhurst Asylum is open Friday-Sunday, September 22 through November 4. They are also open three Thursdays in October for family night. Kick off the season right by coming to the Haunted Hopps Festival on September 23 to sample beers and see all of the attractions!

With so many different locations and attractions at each site, there’s a little something to scare everyone! Happy Halloween!

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