Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats

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Houseplants are a great way to spruce up any room, and caring for them is usually not too difficult when you go with a low maintenance variety. But it can be tricky to keep your plants looking their best—or even intact at all—if you have cats. Before bringing any plants into your home, you must be sure they are non-toxic. Even if your cat hasn’t tried to nibble on them, you wouldn’t want your kitty to suffer from an upset stomach if she does get curious. So how can you be sure your furry little friend won’t be harmed if she decides to snack on your plants? Here is a list of houseplants that are safe for cats to eat.


Spider plant- Spider plants are the most common variety of houseplant for cat owners to grow, because they are extremely low maintenance and pet-friendly. Spider plants do well in areas of partial sunlight, like next to a window, and can even help to purify the air in the room. There are also a few varieties of spider plants, so you can mix and match spider plants to give the room even more visual interest as well!


Bamboo- Bamboo is one of those plants that people are surprised to hear is actually pet friendly! Besides giving the room a tropical, exotic feel, bamboo can be safely ingested by your cat with no major health consequences. Bamboo is also extremely easy to grow, requiring minimal care, and sprouting easily and often.


African Violet- For a more colorful option, you can try growing some African Violet. It is not only cat friendly, but can bloom year round if cared for correctly. African Violets may require special lighting, and won’t thrive in a cold environment, but when exposed to heat and sunlight, they will not disappoint.


Christmas Cactus- Another colorful option, the Christmas Cactus blooms November through January, giving your house a much-needed punch of color throughout those cold winter months. Don’t let the name scare you, however; the plant itself does not actually contain any stickers, so your kitty won’t lose his whiskers if the urge to bite strikes!


Herbs- If you enjoy cooking, you may want to consider growing an herb such as Basil, Cilantro, or Rosemary. Herbs not only look pretty, but they have many different uses, and are extremely versatile. Most herbs are pet-friendly, but make sure you check beforehand just in case.


Other tips- If you still have reservations about keeping certain plants in your home, then you may want to consider keeping the plants away from your cats altogether. Plants should also be carefully cared for, trimmed, and pruned. Loose or dead parts of the plant, including broken stems, could be a choking hazard for pets, so take care to remove them when necessary. Never place your plants in a spot where they could be easily knocked over, especially if planted in a heavy pot that could fall and injure your cat when tipped. Remember to wash your hands after handling any plants to avoid spreading any unwanted bacteria or other contamination to your cat.


You don’t have to stop growing houseplants just because you have a curious cat; there are plenty of cat friendly plants that can easily be grown in your home. Luckily, most are pretty low-maintenance as well! What are your favorite houseplants to keep around your kitty?

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