Workout Classes, Fitness Centers, and Yoga Studios Near Macungie, PA

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If you live in the Macungnie, PA area and you’re interested in being more active, you’ll be glad to know that besides hiking, there are plenty of indoor fitness centers, gyms, and dance and yoga studios that can keep you moving year round. It’s not always practical to run, bike, or exercise outside, especially when the summer heat hits record highs! Here are some of the best workout classes and fitness centers in the area that will help you get in shape or stay fit.


  1. Crossfit 8541- Crossfit is a coach-led fitness gym located in Emmaus, PA. Crossfit is known for their highly personalized fitness routines that incorporate Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and running into their programs in order to promote cardiovascular health, balance, agility, and coordination. The workouts are intense, but the trained professionals there will never push you beyond your ability level, so it’s an extremely beginner-friendly option for those of us who don’t have much experience with working out. Beginners, regulars, and fitness enthusiasts alike like Crossfit for providing fun, engaging workouts using a large range of skills.
  2. LivingRoom Yoga- This welcoming, inviting yoga studio is more than just a place for a well-practiced yogi—it’s an encouraging environment that promotes health, relaxation, and inner peace. LivingRoom Yoga has an incredible reputation in the Macungie area due to their knowledgeable, accommodating, and personable yoga teachers. The studio is well cared for, and the classes will have you feeling more at peace and fulfilled in no time. Namaste.
  3. TITLE Boxing Club Trexlertown- For a more upbeat option, you might want to try out a boxing gym. If you’ve never boxed, then checking out TITLE Boxing Club is a great place to start. Located in Trexlertown, PA, this boxing club is an intense, powerful place that will push you to your limits to help you achieve and exceed your fitness goals. The trainers are skilled, supportive, and encouraging, and the facility is clean, organized, and well-kept. What’s not to like?
  4. Steel Fitness Premier- Get that blood flowing and pump some iron at Steel Fitness Premier is a gym/health and wellness center located in Allentown, PA that offers a variety of services. Group exercises, personal training, lap, activity, and therapy pools, senior fitness, and even childcare are within their capabilities. Steel Fitness can help to guide you on your way to a healthier overall lifestyle, and also has great amenities for the price. Although their rates are a bit higher than competitors, the facility is clean, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and satisfied members have been coming back for years as a result.
  5. Antigravity Yoga Lab- For a new twist on the old school yoga, try something new with anti-gravity yoga. If you’ve never heard about or seen it, then you’re in for a surprise! Strengthen your core in ways you never thought possible by trying aerial, barre, or restorative anti-gravity yoga. You’ll have a blast hanging from the ceiling in a fun, welcoming group setting. The Antigravity Yoga Lab also offers children’s classes, hot yoga, and indoor standup paddleboard yoga. Gone are the days of the typical yoga mat!

Regardless of your fitness goals, status, or interests, you’re bound to find something in the Macungie area that can help you get and stay fit all year round. Between the yoga studios, fitness centers, dance classes, and boxing clubs, there are a variety of health and wellness centers in the area. Try something new or experience an old favorite pastime and check them out this summer!


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