How to Create a Vision Board

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Did you set some goals for yourself this year? Do you have some dreams you want to make a reality? Then it may be time to create a vision board to help. 

What is a vision board? 

It is a visual representation of your goals, aspirations, and dreams. Creating this kind of board will help you focus on what you want to achieve in your life. A vision board can be made out of anything from photos to magazine cutouts to words written on pieces of paper. The important thing about them is that they are created with intentionality – they are designed to inspire you. 

  1. Gather materials: The first step is to gather your materials. You will need some kind of poster board or canvas, magazines or other images cut out from newspapers or the internet, scissors, glue, and a pen or marker. If you want to get really creative, you can also use colored pencils, paint, glitter, and any other fun embellishments. Keep in mind that the idea is to create a board with images and words that inspire you – so have fun with it!
  2. Decide what kind of board you want to create: Start thinking about what kind of vision board you want to create for yourself. You can choose your own adventure here: if there are some specific goals or dreams you would like to focus on, you can create a board for each one. Or, if you want to focus on general concepts like relationships or career success, you could make an all-encompassing vision board that encompasses many things at once.
  3. Get creative: Once your ideas are clear in your mind and the materials gathered together, it is time to get creative. Begin by cutting or tearing out anything that inspires you from your magazines or newspapers. You can also print images off the internet and cut those up as well. Keep in mind, however, to choose images that have meaning for you. It can be simple words scrawled on a piece of paper – whatever it is, it has to speak to something inside of you that reflects what you want to achieve.
    • Once you have a good amount of images and words, start arranging them on your poster board or canvas. Play around with the different layouts until you find one that feels right to you. Again, it is essential that these images and words resonate with what you are hoping to manifest in your life – so if something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t be afraid to change it up.
  4. Put your board where it can be seen: After your board is assembled, put your vision board somewhere where you will see it every day. It can be on your bedroom wall, on the refrigerator door, or even taped to the back of a cupboard. Wherever you choose is up to you – just make sure that this board reminds you daily what inspires and motivates you in life.
  5. Take action: The final step is actually doing something with your vision board. The important part is that you don’t just create it and forget about it – you have to take action! Use your vision board as a source of inspiration, and when you feel yourself getting lost or feeling down, refer back to it for a quick dose of motivation.

Creating a vision board is an incredibly powerful way to manifest your goals, dreams, and aspirations into reality. If you take the time to create one with intentionality and focus on what inspires you, you will be amazed at how it can help you achieve the life you desire.

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