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The city of Bethlehem is bustling with nearly 75,000 people that call the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania home. But despite the fact that it’s the seventh largest city in Pennsylvania, Bethlehem still offers plenty of quiet and homely things to do as well. If you’ve never been to Bethlehem before, you are missing out. Here are some interesting facts to entice you to visit Bethlehem, or maybe you’ll even want to call this place home.

The Center Of Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley consists of 731 square miles and 800,000 Pennsylvanians. Of that, just over 19 square miles and 75,000 people live in Bethlehem, as it’s located in the center of Lehigh Valley. It’s said that the history of Bethlehem can be traced back to Christmas Eve of 1741. It was on that night that David Nitschmann and Nicolas von Zinzendorf led a small group of people to the area that is now considered the center of Lehigh Valley. The two men took the name of the birthplace of Jesus, and called their settled area Bethlehem.

Lehigh-UniversityRevolutionary Involvement

During the industrial revolution, Bethlehem was a booming centerpiece of the industry. The Bethlehem Steel Corporation was founded in Bethlehem in 1857, and it was in operation for over 150  years before closing in 2003. This company grew to become the second-largest steel producer in the United States, and it was also a big player in the boat building industry as well. Bethlehem Steel brought many revolutionary ideas to the industrial revolution movement, and it was a prime reason that the economy in Bethlehem was so strong for many years.


Bethlehem is home to many prestigious schools for people of all ages. For primary school students, the Bethlehem Area School District serves students in kindergarten through 12th grade. There are also two private schools; including Bethlehem Catholic High School and Moravian Academy.

There are also a variety of different secondary institutions in Bethlehem as well. Lehigh University is known as one of the most prestigious schools in the nation, as it was ranked as the 35th best college in America by the US News & World Report in 2010. There are other colleges in the area; including Moravian College, Northampton Community College, and the International Institute For Restorative Practices.

Did You Know…

Did you know that Bethlehem made the list of “Top 100 Places To Live” in a 2006 Money magazine issue? That’s right – this quaint and quiet town crept into the list at number 88, and this was a big draw for those looking to make Bethlehem home.

Many of the small boroughs and towns outside of the big cities of Pennsylvania offer plenty of small-town charm and excitement. One of the best things of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is that it’s big enough to offer plenty of things to do, but it still offers plenty of small-town charm. Whether you are looking for an exciting vacation or you think a more permanent option is needed, Bethlehem is an ideal location for those looking in Pennsylvania.

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