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Do you watch “Jeopardy” every night? Do you play right along and say to yourself, “I could be on Jeopardy.”? If you answered yes – then you probably love trivia!

Of course, if you have set a goal to be on Jeopardy one day – or just want to showcase your trivia knowledge at a family dinner – you constantly need to be learning new facts and information. 

So, let’s see what you know about the state where you live – Pennsylvania! 

Pennsylvania Trivia Questions

  1. William Penn was given the land that would become Pennsylvania by what King?
  2. The smiley face emoticon was invented by professor Scott Fahlman, from what Pennsylvania university?
  3. In what Pennsylvania city was the polio vaccine created?
  4. What is the highest point of elevation in the state of Pennsylvania?
  5. In what county would you find Daniel Boone’s home?
  6. What two baseball Hall of Famers were born in Donora, Pennsylvania on September 21st – although in different years?
  7. There is only one town in Pennsylvania. Everything else is either a city, borough, or township. Can you name it?
  8. The first complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever found is on display at what museum?
  9. Hugh Ward invented what game in the early 1920s in Pittsburgh and called it Beano?
  10. Where can you find the oldest, still-operating roller coaster in the world?
  11. Which golf course is the oldest, most continuously-used course in the United States?
  12. Can you name all six Hall of Fame quarterbacks that called the Pittsburgh area home during their childhood?
  13. True or False: Crayola Crayons produces all of its products in Pennsylvania.
  14. The Wanamaker Organ is the largest, still-operating pipe organ in the world. Where is it located?
  15. Which stadium located in Pennsylvania is the third-largest in the world?
  16. In what city was the very first baseball stadium built?
  17. Who is hailed as the Father of Weightlifting and was born in York, Pennsylvania?
  18. What place in Pennsylvania is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World?
  19. What Pennsylvania county is the Christmas Tree Capital of the World?
  20. Nazareth is the home to what famous guitar maker?
  21. Where was the first Little League Baseball World Series held?
  22. Can you name one of the three nicknames of Pennsylvania?
  23. Name the state bird of Pennsylvania.
  24. What is the state animal?
  25. What is the state beverage?

Pennsylvania Trivia Answers

  1. King Charles II gave the land to William Penn in 1681 as a way of paying off a debt the king owed William’s father.
  2. Carnegie Mellon University – in 1982.
  3. Pittsburgh in 1955. Children in Pittsburgh were the very first to be given the vaccine.
  4. Mount Davis at 3,213 feet is the highest point in Pennsylvania.
  5. Berks County is where you can take a tour of Daniel Boone’s home.
  6. Stan Musial and Ken Griffey, Jr. 
  7. Bloomsburg.
  8. The T-Rex skeleton can be found at the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.
  9. BINGO.
  10. Leap the Dips is located at Altoona’s Lakemont Park, and it began operating in 1902.
  11. The golf course at Foxburg Country Club is home to this course, which began operating in 1887.
  12. Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, and George Blanda.
  13. True. They make nearly 3 billion crayons each year.
  14. The Wanamaker Organ is located inside Macy’s Department Store in Center City, Philadelphia.
  15. Beaver Stadium, located on the campus of Penn State University. 
  16. The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh in 1909.
  17. Bob Hoffman, who started York Barbell. 
  18. Kennett Square.
  19. Indiana County.
  20. Martin guitars.
  21. Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1946.
  22. The Keystone State, Quaker State, or Oil State.
  23. The ruffed grouse.
  24. White-tailed deer.
  25. Milk.

So, how’d you do? How many of these trivia questions about the state of Pennsylvania were you able to answer? Commit them all to memory and quiz your family and friends the next time you’re together – and impress them with your knowledge.

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