Spring Cleaning Your Car and More

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It’s spring, and everywhere you look, there seems to be a blog or article reminding you to do a deep dive around your home. Everyone wants you to sort through a closet or clean those spots that you often forget.

And yes, those are good things to do.

But there’s another spot that deserves a little attention in the spring – and that’s your car.

After a long winter, it definitely needs a little TLC. Here are a few things you can check on and some pointers for getting your car looking good!

  • Check your oil: When was the last time you changed your oil? Most cars need an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles – and if you’re not sure when you had this service done – now’s the time. (You may have a sticker on your windshield that tells you when your last oil change was – so take a look.)
  • Check your other fluids: Your car has other fluids, too – so you’ll want to have them checked and topped off as needed. Popular Mechanics shares the 6 essential fluids you should be checking and HOW to check them.
  • Rotate your tires if needed: Have you ever wondered why you need to rotate your tires? It’s to preserve balance, help you maintain good traction, and allow for even tire wear. An automotive technician can help you decide if this service is necessary for your car.
  • Repair scratches: Your car may have gotten a few scratches during the winter months – so take a few minutes to touch them up. Lots of manufacturers have small paint pens that will do the trick quickly.
  • Clean the carpet and upholstery: You’ve probably tracked in a lot of snow and sand throughout the winter. You may have even spilled a cup of coffee (or two), and the kids might have dropped some french fries and ketchup on the back seat. Grab the portable vacuum and vacuum up as much of the dirt as you can. Then grab a rug or upholstery cleaner (or both) and give your carpet and upholstery a good clean. This will go a long way to restoring your interior’s condition.
  • Clean the dashboard/console: Take a look at your dashboard. Is there a lot of dust and dirt? Then it’s time to wipe it down. You’ll be surprised how much better it looks when you do this simple thing.
  • Organize as necessary: Has your car become a catch-all for things? Are there hats and gloves hanging around? Are there things you’ve thrown on the backseat with the intention of putting them away later? How about kids’ toys that never quite made it back into the house? Take some time to organize things – and put away those things that don’t belong in your car.
  • Wash your car: Now it’s time to wash your car. You can do it by hand if you like, or take it to your favorite car wash to get it done quickly. 
  • Give the wheels some attention: Your wheels and hubcaps may need some special attention to get them shining again. You can pick up some wheel cleaner at your local automotive store to do this. 
  • Clean the windows: Grab the window cleaner and a microfiber cloth to get your windows clean. A microfiber cloth will help cut down on streaks so your windows will look crystal clear.
  • Check the trunk: Don’t forget to check the trunk. If you had some gear for winter in there, you can take it out and store it until late fall. Also, check to make sure you have everything you would need to change a flat and some flares in case you should break down.
  • Check the windshield wipers: Lastly, your windshield wipers take a beating during the winter months with the freezing temperatures and snow. Make sure they are in good shape and change them out if they are not.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just take place inside your home. Give your vehicle a little love by checking it over thoroughly and cleaning it from the inside out. 

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