Pros and Cons of Working From Home

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Working from home is a fantastic new concept that was born out of the internet age. We are able to accomplish the exact same, if not more, amount of work when working remotely. There are lots of benefits to working from home, but there are some other factors that can make it difficult. Is working from home right for you?  Here are some pros and cons to consider.pros-and-cons-of-working-from-home


  1. No Commute: It’s the easiest commute you’ll ever make in your life. You wake up, head to the coffee pot, and then make your way across the hall to your desk. Simple as that. There’s no headache with traffic, there’s no need to stand out in the cold waiting on public transportation, and you don’t have to fight with others to find a parking space. Everything you need is within your four walls. It helps save you time in the morning, which allows you to wake up later and get more rest so you can be extra productive during the day.
  2. Comfy Clothes: No one else is going to see you throughout the day, so there isn’t any need to get dressed up in a suit. A t-shirt and jeans is the perfect work-from-home attire. You can save money on the fancy clothes, and you can save time in the mornings by not worrying about how your hair looks.
  3. Quiet Workspace: The office is generally buzzing with different people talking, phone calls, and other background noises. Coworkers can be great, but it can also be difficult to zero in on your work when you can overhear your neighbors entire conversation. When you work from home, you have a perfectly quiet workspace that you can create to fit your work environment. You can block out distractions and get your work done more efficiently.
  4. Eat At Home: It’s a hassle to pack your lunch and snacks every day. You have to pre-plan your meals, and pack it all in tupperware. Generally, it’s easier to go out and buy something on your lunch break. It won’t be nearly as healthy, and it’ll end up costing you lots of money down the road. When you work from home, you have full access to everything in your fridge, and you can freshly prepare a healthy meal for any time of day.


  1. Disconnected: The downside to being out of the office is being isolated all of the time. It can be lonesome working solo in your apartment all day long. It can be a good thing to get out of the house and interact with other people sometimes. When you work from home, you can still work on team projects. Collaborating with team members can be difficult when you have limited communication. Technology is amazing, but there are some things that can still get lost in translation when you aren’t face-to-face.
  2. Difficult to Stay on Task: Even though you can eliminate the coworker noise distraction, there are other distractions that can come into play. Pets, family, and other intrusions are able to pull your mind away from your work. Sometimes it’s hard to be mentally present at work if you are physically present at home. You will see all of the chores that you need to do around the house, and you can get distracted by working on that instead of your job.

Because of the lax dress code and ease of commute, there can be a stigma of laziness with work-from-home positions. Fight against that by being the most professional and “on-target” employee that the company has. Be willing to reach out and connect with your bosses to make sure to get that needed facetime to see advancements in your career. Balance is everything when it comes to working from home.

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