This Year’s Trending Halloween Costumes

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While many people get ready for the excitement that comes with Thanksgiving and Christmas, let’s not forget about how much fun Halloween can be! This year, you’re going to see a ton of great costumes that will surely grab your attention. From the cute and adorable, to the strange but funny, here’s a look at this year’s trending Halloween costumes.

For Kids

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the girls are all looking to dress up like their favorite Disney princesses this year. With the popularity of Frozen, the two most popular costumes that girls are after this year are Elsa and Anna, the snow princesses from the enchanted fictional world. For those little girls out there who don’t dream of growing up to become a princess, you can still get in on the Frozen fun with this Olaf costume.

For the boys, superheroes and video game characters are all the rage this year. From Jet-Vac from Skylander to Master Chief from Halo, Halloween lets any young boy get lost in their favorite fictional characters. As you probably could’ve guessed, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and the Avengers are also all favorites for boys Halloween costumes this fall.

Halloween-CostumesFor Her

Women are getting in on the Frozen fun as well, which is why this grown-up version of Elsa is likely to be a popular costume amongst the ladies this year. Or if you want to shed the child-themed costumes, here’s a Cruel Diva one that is sure to catch some eyes. Of course you can’t go wrong with the classics this time of year, which is why this Wicked Witch is also a favorite for those looking to dress from head-to-toe this Halloween.

For Him

Men are really just grown up boys, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that costumes like this Superman are favorites amongst adults. If you’re looking for something that is sure to get a laugh, here’s an original idea in the form of a Test Crash Dummy.

For Couples

Pairing up with your favorite Halloween party hopper, consider going together with this Tooth Fairy and Tooth costume set. You’ll be sure to get a smile when taking selfies with all of your closest friends this fall. If you are a couple that prefers to keep it casual this Halloween, check out this funny Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costume that is practical for any party.

For Pets

What good is your Halloween festivities unless the entire family can get involved? Your entire neighborhood will know who the cutiest puppy on the planet is with this bumblebee outfit, or this devil costume. Show your team spirit with this baseball player outfit for bigger dogs, or let everyone know your intentions at world domination by dressing your puppy up as a Minion.

With so many great choices to choose from, you’ll start to wish that Halloween was more than just one day each year. But since you only have a few weeks to get ready, be sure to consider these trending Halloween costumes.

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