What Organic Foods Should I Eat?

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If you’re looking to clean up and improve your diet, then going organic is a great consideration to make. But since organic foods are healthier for you, this also means that they are going to have a high price tag that comes with them. As the average person likely doesn’t want to waste their entire check at the grocery store each month, it’s not feasible to always buy organic.

Even though you may not be able to always buy organic, there are certainly some options that are worth investing in versus their alternatives. To help you shift through what’s worth it and what’s not, here’s a look at the age-old question of, “What organic foods should I eat?”

Organic-FoodFruits – Strawberries and Cherries

One of the best amongst the superfoods, strawberries are certainly worth purchasing organic. The concern with your everyday strawberry patch is that it’s been treated with pesticides to help keep bugs off. Because strawberries also have plenty of deep ridges and seeds, that’s where the pesticides can get into and remain, even after being watch. If you love eating this superfood, consider purchasing organic strawberries.

Along with strawberries, cherries have also been classified as a specific fruit that is susceptible to pesticide residue by the Environmental Working Group. Therefore, consider purchasing organic here as well.

Vegetables – Celery and Peppers

Those that love mixing up their favorite foods will want to make sure they have plenty of ingredients to throw into their dinner. Whether it’s a light appetizer before dinner or throwing them all into your own concoction, both peppers and celery are worth purchasing as organic. Not only are you likely to use these vegies in a variety of different foods, but they also are worth the cost offset of their non-organic alternatives. Organic foods can be very costly, but peppers and celery are two instances when it’s equally as feasible to purchase while keeping prices down.


Just because you are eating organic, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some red meat to your diet. There is great concern amongst the public about the steroids and hormones that are pumped into cattle. With organic beef, you don’t have to worry about those fears. Therefore, organic beef is an ideal option that you can give the entire family, without having to worry about the side effects that come with alternative options.


Much like beef, milk can also have health concerns if it’s been treated with genetically modified animals. Therefore, consider looking for a rBGH-free milk if you are wanting the healthiest option available. Your child will also benefit from organic milk, so be sure to have plenty around if you have little ones.

Organic food can be very costly, making many wonder if it’s worth the investment. While it may not always be worth investing in organic foods, there certainly are some that are better than others. If you are wanting to clean up your diet, consider the options here as the organic foods that you should eat.

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