What to Do With Unwanted Holiday Gifts

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The holidays are over. It’s time to take down the tree, store the decorations, and put your presents away. Of course, you may have a gift or two hanging around that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Perhaps they were gifts you really didn’t want, but rather than tell the person who gave it to you that you don’t like them, you smiled politely and said, “Thank you.”

And, while that’s nice, you’ve now got some unwanted gifts. But you do have options. Here are some ideas for your unwanted gifts!

  • Return Them: Did the gift-giver include a receipt for you? Then you’ve got it made – you can head to the store and return your present. Most stores will allow you to return for credit or make an exchange for something you want.
    • If you have the original packaging, and you know where your gift came from, you may be able to return it – even if you don’t have a receipt. Stores often have more liberal return policies during the holiday season. While you may not get a credit, you may be able to exchange it.
  • Sell Them: If you don’t have a receipt and you’re not sure where it came from, but you really would like something else, then selling it might be an option for you. eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other online selling platforms are ideal for selling things you no longer want or need. While you may not get the full retail value – it beats holding onto something you won’t use. 
  • Regift Them: If you don’t want to return or sell your gift, you might consider regifting the item. After all, you might know someone who would love and appreciate it – which saves you money down the road. Be careful that you don’t regift it to the original person. (In fact, if you tend to regift a lot, a simple spreadsheet of the gifts you have put away, who gave it to you, and who you are giving it to can save you from some embarrassing moments.)
  • Give Them to Your Favorite Charity: Do you have a local charity shop? Or is your child’s school having a charity fundraiser where they need items to auction off? Then give your gifts away. You’ll free up space in your home and do some good for others at the same time.
  • Host a Gift Swap: Have you ever hosted a “gift swap”? With a gift swap, you invite a bunch of friends over and ask them to bring their unwanted holiday presents, and you swap. You might have some fun with it and do a white elephant gift exchange, or just put all of the presents on a table and let people take something they’d like. If you have unwanted gifts, maybe you could all agree to donate them.
  • Hold Onto Them: Last, but not least, you can hold onto them. Perhaps down the road, you’ll need this particular item. You might even find a way to transform the item into something else.

With the holidays complete, it’s time to decide what you want to do with your unwanted gifts. Whether you sell them, keep them, or regift them – know that someone was thinking of you and appreciate the spirit in which the gift was given.

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