5 Vacation Spots In PA That You Need To See

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When you live in the same state your entire life, you start to forget the treasures that you have nestled right next to you. You don’t need to travel to far off destinations to have a great vacation! Do weekend driving trips to break up the monotony and learn more about the beauty around you. Here are some of the top 5 vacation spots to see in Pennsylvania.

  1. Rittenhouse Square5-vacation-spots-in-pa-that-you-need-to-see: This historical landmark is a gem. It’s considered one of the most beautiful spots in American cities, and the most popular town square in Philadelphia. It’s surrounded by old trees, which is a rarity in the middle of skyscrapers. Next to the square are popular shops, exquisite homes, sculptures, fountains, renowned restaurants, and more. It was thought of and planned out by Pennsylvania’s founder, William Penn. It’s the heart of Center City, and home to one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country. The square hosts many of the city’s local festivals. Currently, this piece of history is protected by a non-profit called Friends of Rittenhouse, to maintain its grounds and continue educating locals and visitors of this important piece of land.
  2. Poconos: The Poconos Mountains are a treasure tucked up in the north eastern part of the state as part of the Appalachian chain. Yes, these are home to several fantastic ski slopes, but they are also a fantastic site to see in the warmer months as well. With winding rivers and expansive forests, you’ll find hiking trail after hiking trail to countless waterfalls. After your day of adventure, relax at a local winery, or find a lodge with wood burning fires. It’s another side of Pennsylvania that looks vastly different than the rest of the state.
  3. Amish Country: Lancaster County is famous for the Amish people’s way of life. It’s fascinating to step back in time to see how this unique group of people live their lives. The Amish are a religious group that avoid using any forms of modern technology. They want to keep their day pure by refusing to use electricity, vehicles, cell phones, and modern entertainment. They wear modest clothing that they make, and eat food that they grow. They welcome guests and want to share their simple ways of life with others. Plus, Amish jellies, candles, and baked goods are the best around!
  4. Hershey: The birthplace of the modern day chocolate giant. Hershey isn’t just a theme park. There’s lots to learn through the factory tour and in the town. Learn about the farm and the Hershey cows who provided the milk to make the world-famous milk chocolate. You’ll get sweet treats throughout the park. There’s free candy samples, make-your-own candy workshops, and of course, loads of rides for the thrill seekers!
  5. Historic Pittsburgh: See the western side of the state in historic Pittsburgh. The people, slang, and terrain are all different on this side of the state. This city was a crucial part of the early 1900’s acting as a major hub for industrial engineering. See the old steel foundries, walk the downtown that was once a bustling metropolis, and learn about how this city changed the face of America.

Stop at all of the little towns along the way to your major destination. Take in the landscapes, the culture, and the food. It’s slightly different everywhere you go. Get some needed rest and relaxation while staying close to home.

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