How to Take Better Selfies

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Love them or hate them, it’s undeniable that selfies are a viral trend. You see them on all of the social media, and it seems that everyone is taking them!

And, while they started gaining their over-the-top popularity in 2013, do you know when the first selfie was actually taken? It was taken back in 1839 by Robert Cornelius, and it was a much more time-consuming process than it is today.

Robert Cornelius probably wasn’t so concerned about how his selfie looked as much as he was thrilled by the actual technology of taking a photo. But that’s not the case nowadays. Now it’s all about taking a great looking selfie!

So, shouldn’t taking a fabulous selfie be as simple as “point and click”? While improved phone technology does make it infinitely easier, there are still some tips and tricks that can have you taking your best selfies ever!

  • Choose a Great Pose: Yes, every great selfie involves a great selfie pose. And, depending on what you want your image to convey, will help you decide what the best pose is to use. If you need some inspiration for changing up your poses, check these out
  • Let It Look Natural: Once you’ve decided on a pose, you have to make sure it also looks natural, too. (Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?) But the two things – posed and natural-looking – don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With natural makeup and by paying attention to what you’re doing – you can have both!
  • Watch Your Distance: Another way to help ensure that you take a fantastic selfie is to watch your distance. If you hold your camera too close, you could find that your photo now focuses on something you didn’t intend it to – and it’s due to geometry. If your nose is close to the camera – it’s going to look bigger than it actually is! So watch your distance!
  • Check Your Lighting: Lighting is always an essential factor in taking any picture. While natural light is best (such as bright sunlight), if you don’t have that, make sure your lighting is bright at the very least. And, if you don’t seem to have a lot of light available to you, think about getting a selfie light
  • Smile: Do you really need to be reminded to smile? YES! Even if you’re not “feeling it” – be sure to show your best side and smile in your selfies.
  • Take a Lot of Pictures: The adage “practice makes perfect” definitely applies when it comes to taking selfies. The chances are that the first picture you take is not going to be the one you love, so keep at it. Click away until you get that perfect picture!
  • Try Different Angles: And be sure to try different angles. Everyone has a “good side” – so play to yours. And then look at the angle at which you’re holding your phone? Should you hold your phone down low, up high, or at eye level? Once again, take a bunch of pictures to see what works.
  • Take a Look at What’s Behind You: Have you ever seen a selfie and could not look away from what was in the background? Maybe it was cluttered or messy – and it was just distracting or detracting! Be sure you know what is in your background before you start snapping.
  • Use Filters…Sparingly: You’ve probably got an app or two on your phone that has some pre-set filters to help you modify your images. While some of the filters may be amazing, others can make your selfies look anything but natural. A word of caution – use filters sparingly.

Whether you love a good selfie or not, you’ve probably had the occasion to take one – whether it be solo or with friends. And, of course, you want to look your absolute best in it – so use these tips to make it Instagram-worthy!

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