June is National Iced Tea Month

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What’s your favorite beverage when the weather gets warm? Do you reach for a glass of lemonade? Or do you like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice? How about some iced tea?

If iced tea is your drink of choice during the summer months, you’ll love knowing that June is National Iced Tea Month. That means you have a whole month to celebrate your favorite beverage! And if iced tea isn’t at the top of your list, maybe some of these recipes will change your mind.

  • The History of Iced Tea: Do you know who invented iced tea and when? In 1904, at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Richard Belchynden was serving hot tea to fairgoers. Unfortunately, due to the warm temperatures, he wasn’t having much luck selling his tea. So, in order to sell more tea, he added ice. And that’s how iced tea came to be!
  • Iced Tea Recipes: Nowadays, you can buy iced tea at the grocery store, but there’s no reason you can’t make it at home – and you might even like your homemade version better than the store-bought varieties. 
  • Sun Tea: Sun tea is a summertime favorite – and a good project to put the kids in charge of! All you need is a large jug, some tea bags, water – and plentiful sunshine!
  • Perfect Sweet Tea: If you like your iced tea to be sweet tea, then you should learn to make Perfect Sweet Tea. Freshly brewed black tea, lemons, and just the right amount of sugar make this perfect for sipping on a hot day. 
  • Cold Brew Iced Tea: Cold-brewed coffee has become all the rage in recent years, so it only makes sense that there’s Cold Brew Iced Tea. Because heat is thought to bring out the bitter notes in coffee and tea, when you cold brew it, it produces a more mellow and smoother drink. Try this recipe with your favorite tea bags or loose-leaf tea.
  • Perfect Peach Iced Tea: Fresh peaches are a summer fruit favorite, and this iced tea recipe will definitely have you reaching for a second glass. You’ll simply brew a batch of your favorite iced tea and then sweeten it with a peach simple syrup that you make. (Simple syrups are easy to make and add a ton of flavor!)
  • Raspberry Iced Tea: Raspberries are sweet and make a great addition to iced tea. Make an easy raspberry “juice” to add to your sweet tea and then drop a few fresh raspberries into your glass for a fantastic drink.
  • Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea: Do you love the taste of fresh strawberries, and are you a fan of sweet tea? Then you’ll love this recipe! It combines both of those things for a delicious drink! Make a big pitcher because everyone is going to want another glass.
  • Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte: summer. This recipe is easy, as it has you using your favorite green tea powder! 
  • Classic Arnold Palmer: A Classic Arnold Palmer is the perfect combination of lemonade and iced tea and is super refreshing! Named after the famous golfer, you’ll want to make this recipe all of the time.
  • Honey Citrus Southern Iced Tea: If you love your iced tea with lots of citruses and the taste of honey, this recipe is for you. The honey brings the sweetness you want, and all of the different citrus fruits enhance the flavor. Delicious!

June is National Iced Tea Month, so why not celebrate by making one of these recipes? Whether you like your tea sweetened or unsweetened – there’s a recipe for you!

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