Tips for a Great Job Interview

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Are you searching for a new job? Do you have an upcoming interview for a job that you’d really like? If you answered yes, you’re probably both anxious and excited – and maybe even a bit nervous. You want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression.

And, while your resume will tell them some things about you, the interview is very important. This is your chance to shine and let them get to know you. The best way to do that is to show up to your interview well prepared. Use these tips to get yourself ready.

  • Do research on the company where you are interviewing: While you most likely did some research before submitting your resume, now is the time to do a deep-dive into the company. Learn as much about the company and the people you are interviewing with as you can. This will show that you’re sincere interest in the position and the people who work there.
  • Know your positive attributes and be prepared to “sell” them: Everyone has skills and attributes that they know are stellar, and you need to be sure to “sell” them during an interview. Be sure to have concrete examples that showcase how your positives would benefit the company and those you would be working with.
  • Think about questions or concerns your interviewer may have: While your resume may contain some exceptional qualifications, you might be lacking a few of the things your potential employer is looking for. But don’t let that worry you. Be prepared to talk about them and address any concerns that arise.
  • Practice the common interview questions: Most employers have a list of common interview questions they use to screen candidates. Take some time to practice these questions before your interview. And don’t worry about sounding “canned” – you’ll actually look prepared.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask: If you want to seem engaged and interested, be sure you have questions to ask. This will help the interviewer get to know you and you to know them.
  • Dress for success: Research has shown that within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, you have already made a first impression. So what have you shown them? A smile and a strong handshake – definitely. But they’ve also taken a look at your appearance. And while judging you on your appearance may not be a fair way to assess you, dressing for success can help make that assessment a positive one.
  • Arrive early: You never want to be late for an interview. Always arrive a few minutes early.
  • Stay positive throughout the interview: At various points during the interview, you may see the energy ebbing and flowing. Your job is to remain positive, even if you feel it’s not going your way. You never know when the opportunity to turn it around will arise.
  • Make sure you bring copies of your resume and references: Sure, you sent your resume, but make sure you have extra copies with you. This is great in case you end up meeting with someone who has not had time to review your resume prior.
  • Always answer truthfully: While it may be tempting to answer questions with responses you think your potential employer wants to hear, the truth is the best answer. Don’t embellish or exaggerate what you did in the past or what skills you currently have.
  • Refrain from speaking negatively about former employers: No matter what your current or former employer is like, avoid speaking negatively about them. 
  • Send thank-you notes to everyone you spoke with: When your interview is done, be sure to send everyone you met a thank you note. This will show not only courtesy, but help make you stand out from your competition.

What are your tips for a successful interview? Is your suggestion on this list? Try these the next time you are interviewing for a new position, and you are sure to stand out.

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